What is
Airbnb For Profit?

Airbnb™ For Profit is the most comprehensive online course to equip anyone with a spare space to fund their dream – whether you own a property or not! This proven step-by-step system helps new and experienced Airbnb hosts maximise profit in the shortest amount of time.

This is unlike any other Airbnb course. We understand that short term rentals are not just standard real estate rentals; this covers advanced property, hotelier, customer experience, and listing strategies to maximise your space, bookings & profit. Your guests demand the best experience and it is this experience that can demand the best price. Not only do we teach you how to provide a luxe experience at a budget price, we equip you with ready-to-go templates, financial calculators, shopping lists, trade discounts and more to have you earning more profit – faster.


Why Airbnb?

Are you looking for additional income streams to fund your next dream?
Airbnb is proven to earn up to 3 x the average online side gig income (like uber, airtasker and the like)*.
Looking for creative strategies to maximise your existing property return? You can earn up to 120%* higher rent on your investment property compared to a long-term rental tenancy.

Anyone can Airbnb an under-utilised space for instant cash within days; but not everyone will be able to minimise costs to maximise their return using proven strategies. Are you a smart hustler who can spot a lucrative side gig, or are you looking to supplement your salary to fund your true passion, travel, or even a house deposit?  Our course teaches beginners, bona fide property investors and experienced Airbnb hosts everything they need to know to get their short-term rental bookings rolling in and handle the whole process with ease to achieve the highest possible profits.

*Source: Fortune, airDNA, Domain

Course Curriculum Overview

Course Curriculum


Strategy & Structure

This module lays the foundations for the course by giving you an insight into the overall short stay rental market, what role you should play, all the regulations you need to be aware of, what entity you should conduct your activities under and what insurances you need in place to begin. It’s essential to get all of these elements right up front so you can launch into starting a successful short stay rental with all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Introduction & Market Overview
  3. Defining Your Role
  4. Regulations
  5. Entity & Taxes
  6. Insurances
  7. Wrap Up

Property & Position

This module gives you the tools you’ll need to interrogate whether your short stay location and property type will meet market demand – be it a house, apartment, cabin or a boat! You’ll learn how to crunch the numbers to ensure your property is financially feasible and profitable. Better yet, I’ll explain how you won’t even need to own a property in a great spot to get started. That’s right, I’ll give you the low down on sub-leasing a short stay rental.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Research – Location
  3. Research – Property Types
  4. Sub-Leasing A Property
  5. Financial Feasibility & Profitability
  6. Wrap Up

Property Set-up

It’s time to talk through setting up your property. In this module we’ll walk through your property through room by room, discussing basic renovation updates you can do to get the shell of your property in really good order, the essential goods you’ll need to purchase and how to keep them on budget. Plus, we’ll look at aesthetic choices you can make to have your place looking 5 star – without the price tag to match.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Key Renovation Updates
  3. Styling Considerations
  4. Beautiful Bedrooms
  5. Lovely Living Rooms
  6. Dazzling Dining Rooms
  7. Killer Kitchens
  8. Bathrooms & Ensuites
  9. Fabulous Facades
  10. Outdoor Entertaining
  11. Likeable Laundries
  12. Consumables
  13. Keys & Access
  14. Rubbish Removal
  15. House Manual/Welcome Booklet
  16. Wrap Up

Appoint Your Team

It’s time to meet your dream team. From cleaners to general maintenance, to co-hosts or agencies – these are the people who can make or break your investment. So how do you find and appoint peak performers? What tasks fall under each job description? How much should you expect to pay? And how can you track their performance? I’ll share my tips for guaranteeing a high standard, based on my own experiences.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Your Cleaners
  3. Your Maintenance Team
  4. Co-Hosts
  5. Short Term Rental Agency
  6. Wrap Up

Listing Your Property

Let’s get your listing locked and loaded! In the bustling short stay market you have to stand out from the crowd and to do that you’ll need to know how to write a killer headline and compelling copy, create Insta-worthy photos and floor plans and use strategies for competitive pricing. Now that you’re going live, you must be across your responsibilities as a host and know how to lay down the law in your house rules to mitigate any risk.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Host Responsibilities
  3. Create Your Listing
  4. A Killer Headline & Compelling Copy
  5. Powerful Photography
  6. Floor Plan
  7. Your Pricing Strategy
  8. Establishing House Rules
  9. Wrap Up

Managing Bookings

Time to learn the skills to deal with your money makers – guests! Learn how to screen bookings, master your calendar, accept or decline requests for discounts, and variations to check in and check out. You’ll weigh up the pros and cons of a guest meet and greet and learn how to respond to complaints. Plus, get up to speed on your finances, reviews, lost property, property damage and how to obtain Superhost and Airbnb plus status.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Handling & Screening Bookings
  3. Approving or Declining Bookings
  4. Mastering Your Calendar
  5. Price Discount Requests
  6. Early Check In & Late Check Out Requests
  7. Guest Meet & Greet
  8. Issues & Complaint Handling
  9. Property Damage
  10. Lost and Found
  11. Host & Guest Reviews
  12. Tracking Income & Expenses
  13. Obtaining Superhost Status
  14. Airbnb Plus
  15. Wrap Up

Maximise & Optimise

The goal of your new short stay rental business is to maximise bookings and optimise profits! So how do you ensure you get as close as possible to 100% occupancy? In this module you’ll gain an understanding of the complex Airbnb™ algorithm and how to impress it’s ‘bots’ so your property appears high in search results. Plus, we’ll review other short stay rental websites worth considering and more clever ways to market your property.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Airbnb Search Engine Algorithms
  3. Marketing Affiliates
  4. Alternate Marketing Options
  5. Wrap Up

Set & Forget

You’re ready to hit cruise control. In this module, you’ll learn how to ‘set and forget’ including; fantastic methods for fine tuning your processes and getting your short stay rental running almost on autopilot. We’ll review your management tasks, running costs and ways to reduce expenses. Simplifying and saving time across the board will ultimately make you more money and get your business running like a well-oiled machine.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Process Efficiencies
  3. Guest Messaging & Communication
  4. Wrap Up


In this special bonus module you’ll unlock the secrets to my top ten welcome gifts to suit every budget and how they should be presented. Gifts are not only a lovely gesture between host and guest, but also a fast track to those all important 5 star reviews! I’ll also give you the pros and cons of hosting four legged friends and how opening the dog or cat door to pets might boost your listing’s demand and your income.


  1. The Best Welcome Gifts
  2. Furry Friends

Is this right for you?


The Smart Hustler

Looking to get a slice of the short-term rental action? Wanting to pay off your mortgage sooner or looking for money to fund your true passion? With minimal outlay, you could be hosting your very first Airbnb guest within days with instant cash flow hitting your bank account just 24 hours later.


Salary Supplement Strategist

If you’re the creative type, this is your next step! Learn how to generate Airbnb income when you feel like it, by renting your property at times that suit you only. You’ll also learn how to create new accommodations on your property such as a caravan or granny flat to create passive income for life!


The Rentrepreneur

Ditch your 9 to 5 job and replace your traditional income using ‘lease’ and ‘sub-lease’ deals to become and Airbnb host using other people’s properties to generate income. Airbnb™ For Profit helps streamline processes so you operate at maximum efficiency and profitability.


Airbnb is an economic revolution that is quietly turning millions of people into part-time entrepreneurs. Forbes.

It’s your turn to get a slice of the action! It’s not just for holiday hotspots and inner city pads. Airbnb can increase the rental return on your investment properties or your own home and get you to that goal of being mortgage free sooner.

Cherie Barber, Airbnb Superhost


Start with your own property, right now.

Don’t let home ownership and fear of risk be your blocker to more profit. Using an under-utilised space, this course teaches you everything you need to know, so you hit the ground running. You’ll learn how to scope out your competitors and strategically price your property to secure bookings ahead of competitors. You’ll learn to calculate your break-even price and how much profit you’ll make on every guest booking. You’ll know how to create the perfect online property listing that ranks higher in search results and gets guests lining up to book your space. You’ll know how to create a killer headline, captivating copy and powerful photography that lures guests in. And you’ll learn to host with ease by automating as much of the process as possible so it doesn’t disrupt your life.

Tap Straight Into a System

  • Start earning money by owning no property at all

    No deposit to buy a property? Don’t qualify for finance? Don’t worry! You don’t need to own any property to start making money from Airbnb. You can become a co-host, managing Airbnb guests for property owners in return for a fee. Or enter a ‘lease and sub-lease deal’ where you lease a rental property for the purpose of sub-leasing it on Airbnb. As the tenant and Airbnb host, you’ll manage it as an Airbnb rental and profit from doing so.

  • Uplift your weekly rent by as much as 125% 

    Uplift your rental income by converting a traditional rental property into an Airbnb property. The key is to take normal properties and rent them out for commercial or hotel like rents, fluctuating your nightly rate seasonally.  You’ll be surprised to know it’s not just the inner-city locations, beachside suburbs or tourist towns where Airbnb works. Often an ordinary home in the suburbs can become a lucrative little money spinner.

  • Access professional tools that make it easy

    One of the biggest misconceptions about Airbnb is that you just list your property and the bookings roll in. In order to maintain a steady stream of bookings that secures cash for you, you’ll need to be highly strategic about everything you do. We’ve created all the professional tools that enable you to approach any Airbnb investment in a strategic, calculated and highly disciplined way, that minimises risk along the way.

Become an Airbnb Pro like Cherie Barber

Get ready to become a Superhost!

If you love meeting new people and hosting guests from all around the world, you’ll love the wonderful world of short-term rentals! You can be involved as much or as little as you like with your guests. Airbnb™ For Profit will teach you everything you need to know about Airbnb so you can go out and set up your own hosting business where you leverage your own or other people’s properties, giving guests a true hospitality experience. And with each happy guest departing, you’ll soon be on your way to reaching Superhost status, which makes securing bookings even easier.

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Meet Our Expert

  • Cherie Barber


    Cherie Barber is Australia’s Renovation Queen. Having now personally renovated well over 100+ properties, Cherie holds a sizeable property portfolio, some which are full-time Airbnb properties. Along the way, Cherie became an Airbnb Superhost and Airbnb Plus host … titles bestowed on experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests.

What Our Students Have To Say

  • As a qualified carpenter and a student of Cherie’s, I can say that her knowledge and professionalism is world class and I continue to learn so much from Cherie as a teacher and mentor. I’d highly recommend any of Cherie’s courses, you’ll be able to start putting practical steps into practice straight away. Nick. W. - Tasmania Student
  • We first learnt Cherie’s strategies for renovating and since have not only owned and renovated multiple properties; we have styled, self sold and now starting to do short term rental properties, including Airbnb. Cherie’s knowledge is A-class and we continue to learn so much from Cherie with every course! Daniel F. and Melinda S - QLD Students
  • I started as a student of Cosmetic Renovations For Profit in 2014. After my first reno on my own home, I moved onto being a ‘rent-vestor’. My partner Dee and I are planning to use the Airbnb strategy on a spare room in our home. We're focussed on accelerating our wealth and creating quality accomodation by working together as a team. Suzanne R and Dee S - Regional NSW Student
  • As a student of Cherie Barber I value every piece of information from her knowledge and professional experience. Cherie is a great educator and Airbnb or short term stays are the next step for me. I am so glad that I’ve started learning Cherie’s strategies on how I’ll be able to double the rental income on my first investment property. Annie. B - NSW Student

Your Path To Higher Rental Returns


Learn your way

Expert led education delivered online so that you can learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime. Mobile, laptop, desktop and tablet ready friendly so you can learn at your convenience.


Plan to succeed

Step-by-step systems and detailed financial calculators to plan ahead and keep your Airbnb investments as profitable ventures, ensuring there are no surprises.


Grow your portfolio

Cherie and the RFP team support you every step of the way through your Airbnb journey.  If your first Airbnb is successful, there’s nothing stopping you from adding more!

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The Ultimate Short Term Rentals Online Course
To Enable Instant Income

Airbnb™For Profit is the brainchild of Cherie Barber … an internationally renowned renovation expert, TV renovator
regular media commentator, educator, author and Airbnb Superhost.

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4 monthly payments for 1 student
$ 449 / for 4 months.
4 monthly payments equal $1796
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$ 1495 / one time.
Save $301 when you pay upfront
  • 1x Access to Online Course for 12 months
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Annual Revenue Calculator
  • Income & Expense Tracker
  • Room by Room Shopping Lists & Budget Calculators
  • Co-Host Service Agreement
  • Sub-Leasing Legal Contract
  • Downloadable Course Notes
  • Downloadable Video Transcripts
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Tutorial Streaming
  • Useful Checklists & Templates
  • House Manual / Welcome Book Template
  • 25+ Strategic Guest Communication Templates
  • National Trade Group Discounts
  • Members Only Facebook Forum
  • Live Chat Technical Support
  • 1x Access to Online Course for 12 months
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Annual Revenue Calculator
  • Income & Expense Tracker
  • Room by Room Shopping Lists & Budget Calculators
  • Co-Host Service Agreement
  • Sub-Leasing Legal Contract
  • Downloadable Course Notes
  • Downloadable Video Transcripts
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Tutorial Streaming
  • Useful Checklists & Templates
  • House Manual / Welcome Book Template
  • 25+ Strategic Guest Communication Templates
  • National Trade Group Discounts
  • Members Only Facebook Forum
  • Live Chat Technical Support
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