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About Cherie

Cherie Barber, creator of the Renovating For Profit course, is Australia's leading renovation expert.

With over 25 years of profitable renovations under her belt, Cherie practices what she preaches. The secret of her success is a proven, step-by-step approach, personally developed on over 115 of her own renovation projects and multiple successful Airbnb Superhost properties.

Dubbed by the media as 'Australia's Renovation Queen', she has appeared on countless Aussie television programs and publications, including Network Ten's popular, prime time lifestyle program, 'The Living Room' and America's HGTV is Cherie's premier US series, 'Five Day Flip'.


Here's just some of what you'll learn....


Learn insider secrets to maximise your profit of one of the worlds most lucrative side gigs - Airbnb - 3 x more than other platforms like Uber, etc. according to


Cherie Barber teaches a disciplined and systematic process, unrivaled in Australia, that covers every facet of renovating and short-term rentals. From how to set up your property, style for maximium (Airbnb) rental or sale return, how to market your property, how to get increase occupancy, how to become a Superhost, property due diligence; including when and where to buy, how much to pay, and how to renovate your property for the highest possible rental or sale price.  Whether you own a property or not, there's a strategy to suit you!  

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Take The First Step To Maximising Your Income Streams With More Profitable Property Renovations

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Anyone can Airbnb that under-utilised spare space for instant cash within days. Anyone can also renovate a house – but not everyone will be able to minimise costs to scale and maximise their return using proven insider strategies. Are you a smart hustler who can spot a lucrative side gig, or are you looking to supplement your salary to fund your next dream car, travel or house down payment? Beginners, bonafide property investors and experienced Airbnb hosts will learn everything they need to know to be successful in property investment in 2019.

Cashflow and smart investment strategies are where astute investors refocus as property cycles spin. Learn how to create and maximise passive income streams, manufacture instant equity and much more! Join us and make an investment in your future and head along to the free 2-in-1 Masterclass and learn from the best in the business.  

We believe (and have proven) that with the right tools ANYONE CAN earn & grow property PROFIT! 

Copycats are out there, but there’s no other renovation expert that has a proven track record on national TV, here in Australia and worldwide.

Now you can join thousands of Australians to learn the same secrets to Cherie’s proven strategy she uses daily that returns profitable renovations time and time again and how she became an Airbnb Superhost, making instant income through short-term rentals!

Here's What Just Some of Our Students Had to Say...


“The positive feedback was really satisfying, plus of course a ‘bidding war’… which resulted in a sale price that exceeded our expectations! We made $32,000!”

Sam & Nicole A.

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of our lives and forget the amazing ability we have to absorb new information and put this into practice. In fact, as Australia's #1 renovation educator and an Airbnb Superhost, we are the largest and most successful educator with over 11,000 everyday Aussies have already been through Cherie's step-by-step program and the results speak for themselves!

"Can’t imagine how many mistakes we would have made without your knowledge – YOU ROCK!”

Helen M.

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"Cherie’s course is GOLD!!!! We were very successful with our renovation (and loved every minute of the process!!! ) – Bought the property for $387K and sold for $520K, with about $60K renovation costs"

Kim W.

 How to earn up to 120%* ROI over a standard rentals using Airbnb and strategic cosmetic renovations to creative instant property equity.


How to plan, systemise, and budget your project to save time, money, and avoid overcapitalising on your projects


How to get a designer look on a shoe string budget


Bonus sneak peeks at never before seen Cherie projects that have made 
sizeable profits


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 Insider secrets to maximise your profit with one of the worlds most lucrative side gigs - Airbnb (earn 3 x more than other platforms like Uber, etc. according to
How to earn up to 120%* ROI over a standard rental 
using Airbnb
How you can create instant equity through strategic cosmetic renovations
How professional investors differ to the amateurs
How to build a portfolio of positive cash flow properties
How cosmetic renovations make getting finance easier
Simple mistakes inexperienced renovators make because they don’t know, what they don’t know
Learn professional systems to grow & scale your Airbnb or short term rental listings
Uncover the styling, listing and management tactics used by Airbnb super-hosts to maximise revenue
How to achieve a champagne property look on a beer budget
How a tried and true proven systems keep property projects on time, on budget and on track

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