Hamptons style: How to get the look and attract home buyers and renters

The relaxed look and feel of Hamptons will suit many interiors.

Originally inspired by a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, this popular interior style seems perfectly in tune with our Aussie climate.

Lashings of calming white and warm timbers combine with coastal influences like rattan and wicker to give that breezy, casual style that’s so universally loved.

The style borrows very much from resort-inspired interiors, so it oozes calming energy. So if there’s elements of Hamptons that suit, then chances are you’ll also identify with a lot of Coastal style and maybe a few stylish pieces of Scandi furniture.

Importantly, when you’re choosing an interior theme for your property, the idea is to draw inspiration from various styles, rather than slavishly adhering to one particular look. Pulling ideas together on a digital mood board or even just keeping a collection of torn-out magazine pages or brochures that captured something you liked will help narrow down your preferences.


Pinterest and Instagram are packed with inspiration. What you’re after is a consistent look or theme that is carried throughout your property, so there’s no jarring transition between rooms.

And remember, when renovating for profit, it’s not about what appeals just to you; it’s about researching what your target market wants and making sure your renovation appeals to them.

A great way to research popular house styles in your area is to take a drive around your neighbourhood and look at the styles, colours and materials that have been used, particularly on newly renovated properties. Browse real estate sites and see which interiors are popular. Display homes can be really useful to walk though, as they also adopt a consistent theme throughout.

You may be tempted to think it’s just down to styling, but the choices you make right through the renovation process will inform the style.

So let’s take a look at some of the features that constitute popular styles:

Hamptons – key features
  • Washed timber flooring or dark timber flooring
  • Weathered timbers in furniture and accessories
  • Rattan or wicker furniture (usually outdoors but occasionally indoors)
  • White ceilings, skirting, architraves and trim
  • Muted colour palette
  • Shaker-style kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
  • Soft linen or cotton window coverings or white plantation shutters
  • Soft linens and cottons in cushions, bedding, lampshades and accessories
  • Chrome or glass details in pendant lights and lamps
Hamptons moodboard curated from Pinterest. Sources below.


Scandinavian – key features
  • Soft palette of whites, greys, charcoals and pastel tones
  • Pops of colour through artwork and accessories
  • Warm timber tones in furniture and flooring
  • Furniture has clean lines, shape and tapered legs
  • Weathered or washed look timbers in flooring and furniture
Scandinavian moodboard curated from Pinterest. Sources below.
Coastal – key features
  • Light to warm timber tones in furniture, flooring and accessories
  • Crisp white or off-white ceiling, woodwork and detailing
  • Rattan and wicker furniture (usually outdoors)
  • Sisal, jute, cotton and linen in furniture, rugs, bedding and cushions
  • Pops of colour in accessories
  • Neutral colour palette of blues, greens, greys and whites
  • Indoor greenery and pot plants
Coastal moodboard curated from Pinterest. Sources below.
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  1. Cherie,
    Thank you love your work. We are about to renovate a small apartment in surfers. The realestate agent is trying to get us to sell it as is. But we know we can renovate it ourselves and make a good profit. Thank you for the inspiration. The Hamptons article came just at the right time. Thank you 😊 Marie

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