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An Online Course That Teaches You How To Minimise Risks & Maximise Profits In Small Development Projects.


Get Started With A Super Practical Course In Small Property Development.

See Bob's Own Developments That Have Made Him Millions In Profits.

Course Inclusions

28 Video Tutorials

8+ hours of immersive video training on every step of the property development process.

Downloadable Course Notes

Our comprehensive course notes are perfect for those who prefer to learn by reading.

12 real-world case studies to understand which property developments are not viable & why.

Property Development Case Studies

Legal Contracts

Standard contracts & agreements to refer to so you can be sure you're not missing anything critical.

Property Development Checklists

Checklists to ensure that you don't miss any crucial steps during your development projects.

Resources to help familiarise you with the real world so you can work effectively with other experts.

Templates, Plans, Reports & More


See lump some profits & race towards your financial goals. Reduce your risks by trusting this proven system.


Property Developers

Turn to our structured approach for gaining better control & confidence over your development projects.

Property Developers


Learn how to use your project management expertise on small development projects. You'll naturally wanna take the next step up.


This System Can Turn You Into A Profitable Developer, Irrespective Of Your Background & Skillset.

Construction Professionals

Learn to use your knowledge & connections to make big bucks on your own development projects.

Construction Professionals

A robust property development system that will guide you through your very first small development & every project thereafter.


Bob Andersen is a property developer with over 30 years’ experience in the property development, investment, finance and marketing sectors of the property industry. He's proudly been involved in over $1 billion worth of property development projects including commercial buildings, apartments, high-rise buildings, retirement complexes, land sub-divisions, townhouses & student accommodation. A true property development expert and trusted educator for anyone contemplating small through to large property developments, at any skill level.







NET PROFIT:   $270,104

3 Bedroom Townhouses
5 Dwellings

From 2 bedroom apartments to 5 bedroom townhouses, Bob has done a wide range of profitable projects himself.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Small Developments For Profit.


To be successful in small property developments, you'll need to have a thorough understanding of all the steps in the property development process. In this module, understand the general process flow of how a small development goes from start to finish, in the correct sequential order. Small developments are also not a 1 person project so you'll learn what key people you'll need on your team, to help bring your projects to fruition.

Property Development Course - contents

Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


Before finding your site, you need to become a local expert and equip yourself with market knowledge. Learn how to do thorough due diligence on any potential site so you can act quickly when an on or off-market deal presents itself. Covering initial & advanced due diligence, you'll also understand how to negotiate early contract conditions for raw sites or sites with an existing development approval.


In order to ensure your site is financially feasible, you’ll need to get a very good handle on all your outgoing costs versus your incoming revenue to accurately predict your gross & net profit likelihood. There’s a lot to get your head around – but thankfully, in this module, you’ll be introduced to our feasibility calculator. It’s an essential tool to estimate your profitability that will assist your decisions to purchase the site or not. It will also help manage your budget throughout the project. Presenting your finances to any lender in this professional way, will also strengthen your finance application.


Learn how to conduct active market research so you can gather all the information you need for your development team to get formal approvals – including a DA and BA. While these might seem intimidating at first, this module walks you through the easy workflow of each process, who you need on your team for each phase and how to brief them for the best outcome.

Prepare Yourself To Excel At Small Property Development Projects So You End Up With Big Bucks In Your Pocket.

You'll learn how to:

  • Forecast whether a project will be feasible.
  • Obtain finance from banks or use other strategies.
  • Locate & acquire well-researched sites in the right hotspots.
  • Identify your target market & develop the right offering for them.
  • Engage a team of experts & guide them effectively.
  • Navigate through the world of approvals & permits.
  • Manage the end-to-end construction process like a pro.
  • Market your development before & after completion, & which experts you'll need to engage.

Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


When it comes to development finance, there’s 2 directions you can go in – commercial or retail. But what are the pros and cons of each? To gain a deeper understanding of development finance, this module explores how banks mitigate risk, what questions you should ask of a financier and how you can approach a bank to receive finance. Of course, an integral part of the small development process is a property valuation. This module also breaks down retail versus commercial valuations & explains how to prepare a valuation report to get you thinking like a valuer.

This module answers all the big questions on construction – how do you do a construction tender and find a great builder? What are the various types of tenders and how do you compare them? What are the common types of construction contracts and how do you navigate any special conditions? Should you demolish or consider relocating? And most importantly, how will you as the Developer, manage the overall construction workflow?



Building a small development is one thing but marketing it for presales, is another. Learn who you’ll need on your marketing team and the different strategies involved in pre-sales and sales, post construction completion. Also learn about the possibility of management rights.


Get an overview of the property completion & settlement process, learn how to establish a body corporate, organise a building format plan and gain a Certificate of Classification (C of C). You’ll also come to understand the titles process and the settlement of contracts.


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549

If Bob has done so well out of property development, how come he’s out there teaching other people how to do it?
“Well, I don’t have to choose between either – I can do both. Originally, I set up the property development course as a business because I knew how good property development could be if done correctly and there were no books, courses or anybody of substance teaching the ‘how to’. It didn’t take long, however to see the results students were getting and the massive change it made to their finances and lifestyle. And that’s where I derive my satisfaction – changing people’s lives.” – Bob

What happens once I enrol?
Once you enrol online, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes with your course login details. You’ll have instant access to everything within your course for 2 years. During this period, you can download all the course notes, checklists, templates, manual & calculators to your computer which you’ll have for life. A small fee is payable if you want to extend your online portal access past the 2-year period.

Can I share my login details with my family & friends?
Short answer, no. Renovating For Profit have invested heavily in online security. You’re able to access your course via 2 registered devices only – either a desktop computer, laptop, IPAD or mobile. Renovating For Profit can detect fraudulent logins on your account. We are strict with this policy to prevent viral sharing of the significant assets that Bob Andersen has created in this course.

I wasn’t great at schoolwork. Will I be able to do this?
Plenty of people struggle at school. The rigid system and method of teaching doesn’t suit everyone. With this course, you work at your own pace. Everything is easy to understand. Plus you have access to bi-monthly Q & A webinars to have your questions answered directly by Bob.

Do I need to understand construction or have property development experience to be successful? 
Certainly not. The course covers the A to Z of property developments in detail and using an easy to understand and proven process. Naturally, if you have some existing trade experience, this will be great. Don’t forget, builders are also developers, but most developers are not builders. They simply contract the builder to build the project. The edge in property development? A real passion for deals, due diligence, detailed project management & a determination to be successful! 

Do I need to give up my day job to manage my property development projects?
Definitely not. In fact, if you have a day job, it will be handy to gain finance for your first project. Most students can do at least one project whilst holding down a day job. We have seen students do three. Once you start earning the type of money you can from property developments, your day job may lose its appeal. 

I have a few investment properties and my borrowing capacity is maxed out. Can I still do anything?
You can and you probably have 2 choices. One is to sell down some properties to give you a working capital and increased serviceability. The other is to use some of the Creative Strategies we teach in the course.

How much of my time do I need to devote to the course before I can start to find a deal?
Very quickly, if you're determined to make a success of yourself, most of the learning is in easy to understand video format of around 8+ hours. We suggest you go through the material once quickly to get an understanding of the overall content & then recommend you go back & study each section in detail. Whilst you're doing this, you can be out in the market place understanding your market and making contacts.

Use this financial feasibility calculator to project the costs & financial progress of your property development project to a predictable & profitable end. This pro calculator takes the guess work out & ensures you run the project with a healthy bottom line.

Financial Feasibility Calculator

Got follow-up questions on any specific topic? Or is there an unexpected problem that you aren't sure how to handle? As a student of Small Developments For Profit, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Bob direct on his bi-monthly Live Q&A webinars.

Live Q&A Webinars

As a student of Small Developments For Profit, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Join like-minded small property developers who share local tradie & supplier contacts & project progress details. Post a question, share your experiences, arrange meet-ups, the list goes on. 

Meet Your Community

And There's More...

Be Trained By Bob Andersen –
A Real-Life, Full-Time Property Development Expert.

Still got questions? CLICK HERE to email us or call (02) 9555 5010.Return To Home PageENROL NOW

Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549




NET PROFIT:   $598,637

3, 4, 5 Bedroom Townhouses
6 Dwellings







NET PROFIT:   $962,406

2 Bedroom Apartments
15 Dwellings




Property Development Is A High-Stakes Territory. Arm Yourself With A Robust, Profit-Making System.

It’s not by accident that property developers have large property investment portfolios. How else can you make 4 - 6 times the average full time wage, working far less hours from home, using nothing more than a phone, laptop and a desk? Property development is the pinnacle of all property strategies. It can set you up for life, if you do it right.

Join award winning developer & educator Bob Andersen as he shares the systematic approach he’s used to develop over $1 billion worth of property throughout his 30 year career. Bob has done this by leveraging other people’s money or property, and by building a team of experts to help drive his projects to 6 & 7 figure profit outcomes. Learn from him how to master the market and become a property development pro.


Upfront Payment: $ 2,995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $549

Small Developments For Profit is an online course for anyone passionate about property development who wants to transform their life financially. Learn how to minimise risks & maximise profits from every single project.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 9
Module 8
Module 10

What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To 10 Modules, 28 Tutorials & 8+ Hours Of Video Content.

What Students Say About This Course:

18 months ago we attended Bob’s Development Course knowing absolutely nothing about property development..Within 6 months we were DA approved; within 18 months we are building 5 x two-storey townhouse on a block of land less than 5kms from the CBD, and within 24 months we are looking at a profit of $600K! Greg B.
The portfolio has increased to 22 properties through using Bob’s property development methodologies, systems and strategies. Our portfolio’s value is now over $9,000,000 (and growing!) and all properties have positive cash flow .. we have successfully applied Bob’s 30+ years of experience with spectacular results. Wendy B.
Bob’s property development course helped us to see the possibilities with property development and helped us understand costs associated with building on a challenging site. It gave us confidence in the ability to proceed with builder for this project and how to set ourselves up to become full time property developers. Anupriya R.
Bob's course gave me the confidence in myself to ask investors for money. In the past I have only done projects myself with my own money and banks but now I have built my own investment base. Through Bob's teaching I have gained so much knowledge and I feel so much more confident in myself. Matthew L.


Learn creative strategies that can get you started in small developments with little to no money. From call options to joint ventures, you’ll learn how to become a property dealmaker where lack of money won’t actually stop you from starting. Learn lifelong skills to apply to any property project.

In everyday life, we take risks. Something as simple as crossing the road is incredibly risky but we learn ways of managing and mitigating that risk. Property development is no different. In this bonus module, learn the major risks in property development (many which hold people back from developing) so you can reduce & overcome them, to push forward with confidence.