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Property For Profit?

Cosmetic Renovations For Profit is the flagship in Renovating For Profit’s suite of online property education programs. Created in 2009 by Cherie Barber, it’s the most comprehensive renovation education program in Australia, featuring instant Online Access, a 3-day LIVE Bootcamp, Home Study Kit, one-on-one Mentoring and V.I.P access to a exclusive discounts on renovation products and services, and much, much more.

This course will teach you how to minimise your renovation costs and timeline, while maximising profit, whether you rent or sell on completion.


Why Property
Is (Still) Profitable?

Renovating is all about repairing, refreshing, reviving or altering a property to add more in perceived value than actual cost. Buying old, tired, unloved houses [ie: the real estate dumps] and converting them into real estate diamonds, is not only the second love affair of most Australians these days but a very realistic and achievable way to make lump sum cash profits that allow people to build wealth quickly.

You see, renovators are different to traditional property investors. Traditional property investors typically have the “buy, hold and wait for longer term capital growth” mindset. Professional renovators are more aggressive in their property investing pursuits. Renovators aren’t the type who will wait 2, 5 or 10 years in the hope of getting capital growth. They set out “now” to add immediate value to their properties either through a quick cosmetic or a more rigorous structural renovation. They add value within months, not years.

Learn success strategies

  • How to complete a renovation in 6 weeks or less

    using ‘cookie cutter’ design palettes personally created by Cherie to help you laser focus through your renovation and move quickly onto your next project without material waste or time lost ‘reinventing the wheel’ on each property.

  • Average property value uplift of 20% 

    by targeting high value, high return rooms like the kitchen and bathroom and property upgrades proven to add value. Want to know how much of your budget to spend where? Cherie has exclusive formulas available only to students of this course.

  • Property due diligence and feasibility

    calculators and checklists designed to make sure you never overpay for a property. Decrease risk and increase profit potential by following Cherie’s proven formulas, as she reveals the property types and locations you should avoid and those you should snap up fast!

The fabulous thing is, if you’re intending to renovate your property as a rental investment, rest assured you’ll find a tenant faster, improve your rental return and can borrow against a new, improved value so you can go out and do it all again! This is how professional renovators do project after project.

Now let’s also not ignore the facts. Real estate is responsible for helping the richest people in the world amass their fortunes. These people have not built their property empires by being “average” investors. It’s also likely they invest in property with a proven system that enables their investments to work all of the time, not sometimes. The world’s most successful businesses work to a system, so should property investors. This is how you eliminate costly errors to ensure you make a gain at the end of it all. After all, profit is the name in the renovating game.

If this right for you?



Looking for get into the market with your first property? All the more reason to start off on the right food and avoid very costly beginner mistakes in the short and long term.



Did you know that less that only 2% of Australia have more than 3 properties? We teach you Cherie’s success steps. The very same steps she has used to build her 100+ property portfolio.



From builders to project managers to home stylists, our courses have helped industry pros grow to the next level to provide more value to clients and increase their personal and property profit success.

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Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber, creator of the Cosmetic Renovations For Profit course, is Australia’s leading renovation expert. She owns the company, she wrote the book, she’s the only true Renovating For Profit expert in Australia.

In 2009, after constant requests from people asking how she does what she does, Cherie started her education program. She now hosts Australia’s largest community of renovators and more than 11,000 Aussies have now undergone her training, making her the clear market leader for quality, property renovation education. Learn the strategies Cherie has used on over 105 hands-on renovation projects for yourself.

Get to know Cherie better

Learn to renovate like Cherie's projects

Every expert was once a beginner

Cherie has been renovating for over 25 years and has personally completed more than 105 projects. But it’s not about how many projects you’ve notched up; it’s the expertise you’ve gained from those projects and the figures that prove it. Cherie is proud to say she’s never lost money on a renovation – through red-hot markets and slumps – and she constantly puts her skills and strategies to the test on national TV each week and the results are there for all to see. But above all, Cherie is driven to help others achieve their property goals. Join Cherie and renovate your way to success!

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What Our Graduates Have To Say

Over 10,000 students from Australia and abroad have been trained to Cosmetically Renovate by Cherie. We love hearing about their success and seeing their profitable projects hit the market!

  • I attribute most of my success to having successfully completed your course (actually I did your course three times to really drive in the concepts).. we made a whopping $285,000 after $165,000 spent on renovations. Anna M.RFP Graduate
  • Cherie’s course is GOLD!!!! We were very successful with our renovation (and loved every minute of the process!!! ) – Bought the property for $387K and sold for $520K, with about $60K renovation costs Kim W.RFP Graduate
  • Can’t imagine how many mistakes we would have made without your knowledge – YOU ROCK! Sam & NicoleRFP Graduates
  • A profit of $30,000 and and my second cosmetic renovation project complete, Cherie's course seriously saved me. It was a lot of hard work but worth it!! Caroline M.RFP Graduate

Your Path To More Property Profit



Expert led education. Learn property profit strategies ranging from quick cosmetic renovations to interior design with an investor mindset and much more – learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime.


Start Planning

<p style=”text-align: center;”>Getting your house in order? Confidently prepare and run your property project with our easy to follow courses, to reduce risk and move your project forward faster towards optimal profit.</p>


Build Your Portfolio

A property project or two under your belt? Want to learn how to grow your portfolio quicker and optimise your returns? Our courses are perfect for all investor levels.  


Start your property
profit success today.

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