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An Online Course That Teaches You How To Maximise Your Profits 
As An Airbnb Host.


What Our Students Saying About This Course:

Airbnb For Profit is a comprehensive online course if you’re wanting to create new income streams through short term rentals (regardless of whether you own a property or not). It’s an essential course also if you want to pay off your investment property mortgages faster by turning your rental properties into full-time Airbnb properties for greater profits.

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 1 - Strategy & Structure
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 2 - Property & Position
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 3 - Property Set-up
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 4 - Appoint Your Team
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 5 - Listing Your Property
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 6 - Managing Bookings
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 7 - Maximise & Optimise
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 8 - Set & Forget
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Module 9 - Bonus

Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To 9 Modules, 54 Topics & 10+ Hours of Video Content.

See Cherie's 360 Degree Approach To Airbnb Hosting That Makes Her Profitable In All Kinds Of Locations

Course Inclusions

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Videos

54 Video Tutorials

Deep dive, immersive video tutorials on every aspect of running an Airbnb business.

Downloadable Course Notes

Prefer learning by reading? We've got comprehensive course notes for you.

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Course Notes

No scope for procrastination. Jump from learning into action with these practical resources.

Checklists & Templates

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Checklists & Templates
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - The Ultimate Welcome Manual

The Ultimate Welcome Manual

Put an end to the repetitive questions from your guests, with a house manual that answers it all.

Legal Contracts

Save hundreds in legal costs with our Sub-Leasing Legal Contract & Co-Host Service Agreement.

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Legal Contracts

Track all Airbnb specific transactions in a single spot. Save time & stress while filing taxes.

Income & Expense Tracker

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Income & Expense Tracker

Rental Property

Increase your rental returns & grow your property portfolio much faster.

Airbnb Hosting For Rental Property Owners

Extra Room / Dwelling

Pay off your mortgage faster or add extra funds to your monthly cashflow.

Airbnb Hosting For People With Extra Room Or Dwelling

Unused Land

Create a new income stream from your backyard or any unused land on your property.

Airbnb Hosting For People With Unused Land

Airbnb Hosting Could Work For You, No Matter Where You're Based & What You Have To Offer

Spare Time

Don't have your own property but got time to invest? Sub-lease or cohost other people’s properties.

Airbnb Hosting For People With Spare Time

All the knowledge, tools, calculators & support you’ll need to become a highly profitable Airbnb host.


Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Living Room
Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Front yard
Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Bedroom








Full-Time Tenant
(Jan-Mar 2019)




Airbnb Rental
(Jan-Mar 2020)

Local real estate agents said Airbnb will never work in this location as there were other Airbnbs at just $28 a night, attracting no bookings. Cherie went on to generate thousands of dollars each month in this location.

2 Bedroom Granny Flat – 50 Km from Sydney CBD

Strategy: Self-managed

Time Investment: 30 minutes per week

Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Kids Bedroom

From granny flats to luxury apartments, urban to regional areas, Cherie has made profits from all kinds of properties & locations. The secret lies in getting EVERYTHING right.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Airbnb For Profit.


Develop a clear understanding of what role you will play, what regulations exist on a state-by-state basis & which entity will be the most effective for you to conduct your short-term letting activities under. Understand what property taxes may be applicable & what insurances you’ll need to have in place, before you host your very first booking.


Uncover all the location attributes that increase your chances of success in Airbnb. Learn which property types make the best Airbnb’s and how to conduct a thorough financial analysis of all your costs, before you go to the expense of styling a property. Master how to do a ‘lease & sub-lease’ deal so you generate instant cashflow, simply by renting other people’s properties out.


Learn what inventory you’ll need in every room of your property through to setting up & styling those spaces for maximum impact. Uncover detailed strategies from the types of towels & linens you buy to the most maintenance free furniture. Hundreds of practical tips to save you time & reduce unnecessary expense. Detailed room by room shopping lists help you budget correctly in your property set-up stage.


Learn what types of people you’ll need to have appointed (aka your dream team) to get your Airbnb functioning to a level where you won’t need to invest much of your time. From cleaners, maintenance people, a co-host or short-term rental agency, master how to get them all working cost effectively & at peak performance. Co-host service agreement included in this module.

Airbnb Hosting Online Course

Want To Make Serious Money As An Airbnb Host? Treat It Like A Serious Side Gig.

Anyone can list a property on Airbnb but not everyone can make amazing profits from it. Most hosts list a property & achieve mediocre results. But then there are other hosts, who absolutely smash it...

To create life changing profits in Airbnb, you’ll need to learn & mimic the techniques that successful hosts employ every single day to catapult their listings into a different financial stratosphere.

Airbnb For Profit teaches new & experienced Airbnb hosts how to take your Airbnb results to the very next level, as a full-time career or a lucrative side gig.


A meaty module that covers your host responsibilities & how to create an amazing listing that gets cut-through online. Master how to create a killer headline, compelling copy, a flawless floorplan & powerful photography. A highly detailed section exists on how to strategically set your pricing at the right nightly rates to attract the maximum number of views that increase bookings.

Learn how to strategically handle & screen all bookings to eradicate troublesome tenants. Learn how to master your calendar, handle price discount requests, early check in & check-out requests & compliant handling. Uncover how to obtain Superhost status faster so your listing is exposed to more people, ahead of others.



In this module, gain knowledge on how you digitally optimise your booking online. Gain a new appreciation of how the Airbnb digital marketing algorithm works to increase views on your property. Learn all the ins & outs of marketing affiliates & what other marketing activities you can do to increase the number of bookings you receive, all year round. Consider this module, the next level marketing tactics that most inexperienced hosts, just never do.


Learn how to get your booking cranking along with minimal time & effort required on your part. Learn what process efficiencies you can put in place to streamline your Airbnb operational costs that ultimately, increase profit. Benefit from the 25+ pre-designed communication templates & the Ultimate House Manual that reduce the amount of time you’ll need to invest each week. This module ensures you run a tight ship & your communication is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

In this bonus section, learn what welcome gifts are the most highly rated by guests & which are the easiest to practically provide. Understand all the pros & cons of providing ‘pet friendly’ accommodation to attract premium bookings with all things considered.



Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365


Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365


Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365


Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365


Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365

I'm already Airbnb’ing - will this really help any further?
Absolutely! It’s a very extensive course that covers things that even experienced hosts are likely to not know, especially on the digital marketing algorithm side. There’s also a heap of strategic guest communication templates and tracking tools that can help experienced hosts, go to that next level.

Do I need my landlord's permission?
You sure do if you plan to lease & sub-lease your rental property. The Airbnb™ For Profit course has one whole topic dedicated to sub-leasing and shares details of how you incentivise your landlord to say yes. The course also contains a pre-drafted sub-leasing agreement that you get your landlord to sign so everything is above board.

What happens once I enrol?
Once you enrol online, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes with your course login details. You’ll have instant access to everything within your course for 2 years. During this period, you can download all the course notes, checklists, templates, manual & calculators to your computer which you’ll have for life. A small fee is payable if you want to extend your online portal access past the 2-year period.

Can I share my login details with my family & friends?
No. Renovating For Profit have invested heavily in online security. You’re able to access your course via 2 registered devices only – either a desktop computer, laptop, IPAD or mobile. Renovating For Profit can detect fraudulent logins on your account. We are strict with this policy to prevent viral sharing of the significant assets that Cherie Barber has created in this course.

Will I get enough bookings?
You can if you really know how to work the Airbnb system. You also need to style your property the right way, present it the right way online and smartly, digitally optimise your listing online. Keep in mind too that seasonal fluctuations will occur where you’ll be super busy some months and quieter at other times. We have a great tool in our course called ‘Annual Revenue Calculator’ that helps you calculate what your gross and net revenue is likely to be, all before you even start your Airbnb journey. This tool ultimately tells you whether you should Airbnb your property or not!

Does the strategy work in all areas?
Most people are under the misconception that short stay rentals only work in inner city suburbs, beachside suburbs or tourist hotspots. Surprisingly, short stay rentals can be lucrative little money spinners in areas you’d never dream Airbnb to ever work. The Airbnb™ For Profit course shares details of what location drivers and property attributes make for great Airbnb investments.

How can I manage my interstate Airbnb property?
Airbnb works everywhere. If you have an interstate investment property that you want to turn into an Airbnb rental property, you can appoint a co-host or a short-term rental agency which will enable you to be involved as much or as little as you like. You can’t just however appoint any old co-host or agency; you need to appoint good operators. We have 2 dedicated topics in the course called Co-Hosts and Short-Term Rental agencies. They share in extensive detail what you need to look out for, how to appoint these people and how to get them operating at peak performance.

Still got questions? CLICK HERE to email us or call (02) 9555 5010.Return To Home PageENROL NOW

Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365

WOW!! What a 'Glory Box' of incredible information you have put together for us! Thank you so much :) I was keen to start on the right foot prior to acquiring my own property and hopefully in time multiple properties and while I do not have my own property, YET!! this was part of my early planned steps, and am sure that this invaluable information will assist me to be the best and most efficient 'Host' I can be. Thank you. Rachael L. | Beerwah, QLD
This course has covered so many aspects to running a profitable airBNB that I was not aware of. The course notes and templates are excellent and the videos engaging. Paul M. | Blackforest, SA
Airbnb for Profit Course is detailed and thorough...even covering the nitty gritty things that are boring to most people but highly important. The templates and resources are extensive and will be a massive time saver. I can't wait to find a suitable property to Airbnb, just can't decide on the location. I love property and help people obtain the finance they need to buy property. This alternative property strategy would help so many people in many ways... either to boost their savings to buy their first home; additional income stream to the household - perfect for stay at home mums and mums not wanting to return to the workforce after maternity leave; etc. Melinda M. | Bannockburn, VIC
I loved doing the airbnb course. It covered everything in such detail and was really enjoyable. The templates are brilliant and will save hours of time. Having the course structured the way it is step by step made it easy to follow. I have also done the RFP course and now feel very prepared and confident that I can successfully navigate the renovating and airbnb game. The attention to detail in your courses is what really makes them exceptional. Thankyou Cherie and the RFP team. The knowledge you share is so valuable and very much appreciated. We have just sold our family home and are about to head off around Australia in a caravan for a year. After this my husband and I are going to attempt to buy and renovate houses as our full time job. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. The courses have given me confidence that we can succeed with this. (But don't worry... we have a backup plan!) Andi R. | Tyntynder South, VIC
I'm very nearly at the end of the Air bnb module of Cherie's course, and I'm amazed by how much I've learnt and just how much I didn't know before I started! I've gained so much knowledge on the marketing process and how to maximise revenue. Seems that the Air bnb site can do so much more than I thought with regards to pricing, managing multiple booking platforms and conflict resolution. And I've realised how important good photography is to ensure maximum booking opportunities! I've done one renovation which was rented out very quickly, and now I'm renovating a coastal property for Air bnb purposes and this course has been Invaluable. Thank you! Samantha D. | Wahroonga, NSW

Create An Irresistible Offering

There’s an art & science in taking an ordinary room or property and turning it into a winning listing that attracts constant bookings all year round. From a killer headline to compelling copy to powerful photography, there’s a series of things you’ll need to do to get your bookings flowing through & your profits rolling in.

Create An Irresistible Airbnb Offering

An Online Course That Teaches You To Catapult Your Current Rental Returns or Build New Income Streams Through Short Term Rentals.

Assess Financial Feasibility & Profitability For Airbnb Business

What’s the one common thread between all successful businesses? They understand the importance of crunching the numbers to ensure you always remain profitable. This is a critical step most new Airbnb hosts fail at. We’ve developed all the financial tools you’ll need so you can succeed financially from the get-go.

Assess Financial Feasibility & Profitability

Automate Your Business & Watch It Grow

Does managing your Airbnb calendar & interacting with guests or cleaners seem like a real hassle? Think you can’t earn Airbnb income as a side gig whilst holding down your full-time job? Learn how to automate so many aspects of your Airbnb activities so it only consumes a few minutes of your time each day.

Automate Your Airbnb Business & Watch It Grow

Digitally Optimise Your Listing

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service As Airbnb Host

There’s a massive difference between listing your property online and digitally optimising your property online. Knowledge of the latter will enable you to understand how the Airbnb marketing algorithm works so you can tweak your listing to get more views that result in more bookings. This leads to increased profits.

Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Bedroom
Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Balcony
Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Living Room








Full-Time Tenant
(FY 2017-18)




Airbnb Rental
(FY 2018-19)

3 Bedroom House – Byron Bay

Strategy: Hosted

Time Investment: 20 minutes per week

Located in a popular tourist hotspot, already saturated with Airbnb rentals (43% of housing is Airbnb), Cherie managed to double her rental income by turning her full-time investment property into a full-time Airbnb rental.

Cherie Barber Airbnb Rental - Dining Room

Be Trained By Cherie Barber –
Leading Property Educator & A Successful Airbnb SuperHost

Cherie Barber - Airbnb Superhost

Cherie Barber is Australia’s leading renovation expert, property educator & an Airbnb Super Host. She's been featured on every major Australian TV Network and has regularly starred in popular shows such as Channel Ten’s ‘The Living Room’, Channel Nine’s 'Today Extra Show' & her American series ‘5-Day Flip’. Loved by her 175K+ social followers & 17K+ students, Cherie has a knack for breaking down any challenge into step-by-step processes that are quick & easy to replicate. She brings her expertise as a property educator to the ‘Airbnb For Profit’ course.

Unique to Airbnb For Profit, learn how to calculate your likely annual gross & net revenue, all before your very first booking. This essential tool will help you decide if a property is a viable opportunity before you go to the expense of styling it.

Annual Cashflow Calculator

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Revenue & Profitability Calculators

Unique to Airbnb For Profit, our Profitability Calculator allows you to see & understand every single cost involved in your Airbnb activities so you know your true profitability for every booking. An essential tool to always ensure you stay profitable.

Profitability Calculator

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Q&A Webinars
Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Facebook Group

Got a question you’d like to ask Cherie? Want a second opinion on something? Got an out-of-the-box problem you’re not quite sure how to handle? Not a problem. As a student of Airbnb For Profit, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Cherie direct on her bi-monthly Live Q&A webinars. Your course expert is only a keyboard click away.

Live Q&A Webinars

And There's More...

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - National Trade Group Discounts

As a student of Airbnb For Profit, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Join like-minded Airbnb Hosts who share issues & discuss ideas that might be very useful to you. Post your questions, share your experiences, arrange meet-ups, the list of possibilities goes on. 

Meet Your Community

Airbnb Hosting Online Course - Facebook Group

National Trade Group Discounts

Save thousands off a wide range of fixtures, fittings, furniture, styling items & consumables that you’ll need to set up your property. Enjoy major national account status at all Bunnings stores nationally & phenomenal discounts off a stack of other suppliers who drop ship nationally for items such as toilet paper, linen & travel amenities. The savings you get from this trade group, pay for your course, many times over.


Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365

Get Started With Australia's Most Comprehensive Course In Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb Hosting Online Course Inclusions

Upfront Payment: $995 (Save 9%) or
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Instalments x $365