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An Online Course That Teaches You
How To Save $1,000's On Your New Kitchen
By Project Managing It Yourself.

An Online Course That Teaches You
How To Save $1,000's On Your New Kitchen
By Project Managing It Yourself.

You'll Learn How To...

This Course Includes:

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Learn How To Install A Brand New Kitchen.

Do you need to create a stylish new kitchen for your property? Is the fear of outrageous expenses getting in your way? We’ve created an online course that teaches you everything you’ll need to know about kitchens. You’ll be able to project manage your own reno on a sensible budget & create an amazing kitchen you’d be proud of.

Over the last 30 years in my career as a professional renovator, I’ve renovated 50+ kitchens & have developed knowledge & processes that I reveal completely in my online course ‘Create Your Perfect Kitchen’. I’ll also take you through a real-life kitchen installation, step-by-step in the correct sequence of construction. YOU simply follow my formula & create a kitchen that looks straight out of a kitchen showroom. For much less!

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Dodge The Common Kitchen Reno Blunders.
Save Yourself Cash, Time & Heartache.

Create A Vision That's Unique To You

Set out without a clear vision & you could end up in a pitfall – design elements that look horrible together, counter space that’s too small for food prep or power points too far from where you need them. Break down your own needs & preferences like a consultant & create a vision that works in real life.

Make Choices You Won't Regret

Do you dread having to make tens of purchase decisions from hundreds of possible fixtures & fittings? Worse still ending up with a gorgeous sink that’s annoyingly small, a bench top that scratches easily or splash backs that are impossible to keep clean. Learn about all your options so you make the right choices.

Eliminate Chaos & Stress From Your Reno

A lot can spiral out of control when emotions, prices, opinions & unmet expectations are pulling you in different directions. Overstretched budgets, messed up schedules, unhappy tradies and disrupted life. Our project planning template will help keep you seriously organised to time, cost & quality targets.

Follow Our Trusted Sequence Of Construction

Many reno mistakes happen due to the wrong sequence of construction. Cabinet doors that won’t open. Appliances that won’t fit in. Dodgy installations. All of this, after you’ve spent a huge chunk of your savings. Avoid this by following our step-by-step process, covered alongside a real life kitchen reno.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To
4 Modules, 37 Topics & 3+ Hours of Video Content.

Create Your Perfect Kitchen is an online course for property owners who aspire to create a stunning kitchen at far less cost.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In
Create Your Perfect Kitchen.

Your kitchen is the most important room internally that adds the most value to your home so it pays to be strategic about its design. In this module, get a good understanding of what kitchen styles exist & how to lock down a style best suited for your space. Understand how to do a thorough site evaluation on your current space then from that, strategically design your floorplan & layout (according to proper kitchen design principles). Learn how to set your budget correctly & planning rules you’ll need to take into consideration before you start.

You’ll require numerous fixtures & fittings for your brand-new kitchen. Learn all the ins & outs of flooring, cabinetry, benchtops, splash backs, appliances, sinks, taps, lighting, handles & other general kitchen accessories. These very detailed modules will make sure you know what to consider & look out for, so you make smarter purchase decisions about what you buy & install, according to your needs.

Master how to pre-organise your reno like a seasoned pro. Learn how to assess the most cost-effective ways to get your kitchen installed, according to your budget. Tap straight into our pre-designed kitchen renovation project plan so you remain seriously organised throughout your project. Create a finishes schedule that eliminates confusion & costly mistakes. Learn how to find & schedule tradies you can trust. Use our Scope of Works template to clearly outline what works you want done by each tradie to avoid incorrect quotes or possible disputes. Understand how to do site establishment, prior to works commencing, by following our simple 20-point checklist.

Learn the 15 sequential, step by step stages of construction of how a kitchen renovation comes together, from start to finish. Watch Cherie & her trade team correctly demolish an old kitchen, then transform that space, into a brand new, fully finished kitchen. Learn all the professional tradie hacks of what to do & look out for at each stage to avoid rework & ensure quality remains high at every stage.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Course Inclusions.

Incredible value to give you expert knowledge like the professionals.

37 Video

3 hours & 15 mins of deep dive videos that cover every kitchen reno topic.

Course Notes

Prefer learning by reading? We’ve got course notes in downloadable PDFs for you.

Checklists &

Prepare for your reno better with these 8 resources, including a minor works contract.

And There's More...

Kitchen Construction Project Plan Template

This essential tool will help keep you seriously organised through every step of your kitchen reno. Unique to Renovating For Profit, our project plan template already outlines the step by step construction process so you avoid rework. You’ll also be able to cost up your kitchen reno in microscopic detail so you never run over budget. One simple click of a button will print out all your tradies scope of works documents so everyone finishes their tasks on time.

Meet Your Community

As a student of ‘Create Your Perfect Kitchen’, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Connect & network with like-minded homeowners & property investors who share their kitchen experiences, supplier contacts & tradie details.

Invest In Learning That Will Pay For Itself,
Many Times Over.

Make Big Savings

Eliminate the middle man & slash your kitchen reno costs.

Minimise Mistakes

Reduce the risk of typical reno mistakes & re-work.

Increase Property Value

Catapult the value of your property 
for instant equity gains.

Attract Prospects

Increase your property appeal. Find buyers & tenants faster.

Choose Wisely

Learn about all fixtures & fittings. Make choices you won’t regret.

Manage Time Better

Avoid the typical inefficiencies that stress out rookie renovators.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Be Trained By Cherie Barber –
Australia's Renovation Queen.


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Cherie Barber is Australia’s leading renovation expert & educator. She is constantly featured and has appeared across all major Australian television networks, live radio & national and suburban newspapers. Loved by a 20,000+ strong student community, Cherie has a knack for breaking down any challenge into step-by-step processes that are quick & easy to replicate. She brings her sought-after expertise as a reno educator to the ‘Create Your Perfect Kitchen’ course.

Crowned Australia's "Reno Queen"
By The Australian Media.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

This Course Is For You If You Want A Showroom-Like Kitchen, For Thousands Less.

Build your dream kitchen without blowing all your savings. Get full control over your renovation.

Attract buyers faster & uplift your property value with a stylish kitchen. Set an optimal budget to avoid overcapitalisation.

A lot can be done on an investor’s budget. Build a kitchen that attracts tenants & boosts your returns.

Gain in-depth knowledge on this high-value room to maximise your renovation returns.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

What Students Say About This Course

Brilliant! I highly recommend the renovating for profit course. I have gained so much knowledge and feel confident that I can navigate the renovation process from start to finish. The course is very comprehensive and detailed. The standout for me was seeing how much Cherie genuinely cares about her students and others. Andrea R.
No joke this course is the best money I ever spent! Thanks to the R.F.P. Course knowledge I will save tens of thousands in the long run. Thank you so much Cherie and the Crew. Alessandro D.
We have learnt a bucket load and more! Exposing all your knowledge to us to help everyone grow from the pennies to the wealthy! We already feel part of the Millionaires Club!! Thank You Cherie & RFP team! 🙂 Jella L.
Cherie is amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and does so with honesty and enviable enthusiasm. You couldn't ask for a more comprehensive course , absolutely nothing is left to chance. Julie T.
Thank you again for such thorough course material, Cherie! I have learnt so much and look forward to setting up my first Airbnb with greater confidence! Nicole J.

Get Started With The Most Comprehensive Kitchen Course
Designed Just For Property Owners.

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

Need To Know More?
Typical Questions We Are Asked:

We believe you should. The more time you spend now on learning, thinking & planning will only make your vision & budget more concrete, preparing you for a better final outcome. By doing this course in advance, you’ll be exposed to lots of different kitchen options which may change your initial vision so you end up with a kitchen that truly meets your needs.

You can access your online course for up to 2 years from your initial enrolment date. During this period, you’re welcome to watch your course videos as many times as you need to. All course notes & resources are downloadable so you have them for life.

Once you enrol online, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes with your course login details. You’ll have instant access to everything in your course.

Short answer, no. Renovating For Profit have invested heavily in online security. You’re able to access your course via 2 registered devices only – either a desktop computer, laptop, IPAD or mobile. Renovating For Profit can detect fraudulent logins on your account. We are strict with this policy to prevent viral sharing of the significant assets that Cherie Barber has created in this course.

You don’t. In fact, we strongly advise that you minimise the amount of DIY works you do to your kitchen to ensure a high quality outcome. Instead, we recommend you spend your time, concentrating on the effective project management of your kitchen and managing all the licensed tradies well.

If you’re engaging a kitchen showroom, you’re likely making a significant expense & depending on someone else for their expertise. Be sure to pick a reputable company that you can trust. This course will be an additional tool in your belt to make sure you’ve thought about absolutely everything (and even question your kitchen showroom on some things!) to make sure you feel more in control & make the most out of your investment.

If you’re engaging a cabinet maker, they’ll handle the manufacture & installation of your cabinets & sometimes, benchtops for you. Cabinetmakers can handle “part” of a kitchen reno but typically don’t handle the whole process of construction from start to finish such as relocating walls, windows, electrical, plumbing nor will they select most of your kitchen components for you. This course will show you how to manage the entire process with confidence, so you can deal with your cabinetmaker effectively whilst handling all the other parts of the process. 

Planning approval laws differ: (1) in every state of Australia, (2) down at a local council level, (3) if your property is an owner-occupied residence or investment property, (4) according to the dollar value of your works & (5) whether you’re selling or keeping your property, post kitchen renovation. This means your kitchen renovation may or may not require a licensed builder to be involved for home warranty insurance purposes, depending on where your kitchen reno falls under any one of these scenario’s. This course contains detailed state-by-state building fact sheets so you can determine whether a builder will or wont be required on your project. Keep in mind, that a builder won’t design your kitchen or source materials for you so this course is highly recommended for all property owners who intend to engage a builder. 

24 / 7 access to 37 video tutorials, downloadable course notes, checklists & templates for $299 only.

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