Cosmetic Renovations For Profit

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Course
That Teaches Homeowners & Investors
How To Renovate To Build Wealth.

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Course
That Teaches Homeowners & Investors
How To Renovate To Build Wealth.

You'll Learn How To...

This Course Includes:

Supplement Your Income, Get Financial Security & Stop Living With Money Worries Through Renovations.

Do you watch renovation shows, see others make a tidy profit & wish you could do the same? Do you like the idea of renovating ugly fixer-uppers to supplement your income? Or are you just looking for ways to build your wealth faster so you can retire comfortably with financial security & peace of mind? If so, welcome to Cosmetic Renovations For Profit.

Cosmetic Renovations For Profit is Australia’s leading & most trusted renovation course for homeowners & property investors alike. The first of its kind in Australia, it’s led by Cherie Barber, Australia’s leading authority on Renovating For Profit. Personally developed by Cherie over the course of her renovating over 150 projects, it guides you, step by step, through the whole entire process of renovating for profit in a systematic, disciplined way where return on investment is your underlying goal.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

The Complete Online Course That Teaches You How To Invest In Property The Smart Way.

Don’t think you have what it takes to renovate a property? Don’t be so sure! Our Cosmetic Renovations For Profit course will show you the exact steps of how you transform your property, even if you’re a complete newbie.

In this extremely detailed & comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to lock down your property strategy before you start anything. You’ll discover how to find “investment grade” properties in “high capital growth” locations, and how to research those properties like a seasoned professional. You’ll uncover where to find “fixer-uppers” with sky high profit potential and how to renovate strategically for maximum return. You’ll also learn how smart investors leverage equity to keep building their portfolios, time & time again.

Discover How To Find Affordable Fixer-Uppers & Transform Them Into Life-Changing Profits.

Not sure what type of properties you should buy, in which suburbs & at what price? Cosmetic Renovations For Profit will arm you with expert knowledge on which locations and price points work better for cosmetics versus structural renovations. You’ll be able to spot the “diamonds” from the duds and know how to assess the feasibility of a project, all before you sign a Contract of Sale.

Not sure how to project manage your reno? Not a problem. Uncover effective ways to “cookie cut” or “production line” your renovations for time, cost & process efficiencies. Master project management techniques that remove chaos, stress and a general fear of renovating. Knowing how to project manage your renovations effectively will save you time & money.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To 9 Modules,
75 Topics & 30 Hours of Video Content.

Cosmetic Renovations For Profit is an online course for anyone serious about building their wealth and property portfolio’s using renovation as the main strategy. This course is not a pretty pictures interior design course nor is it a construction course. It’s an immersive, deep dive training program that will teach you the art & science of renovating for profit.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

Course Inclusions.

No fluff & jargon. This course is designed to help you take action.

75 Video

30 hours of deep dive, immersive video training on every step of the renovation process.

Course Notes

Prefer learning by reading? We’ve got comprehensive course notes for you.

Checklists &

Over 80+ checklists, templates & calculators to keep you seriously organised.


Save yourself thousands in legal costs with state-specific building contracts & legal agreements.

Step-by-Step Guide
Renovating To "Rent"

Want to renovate & rent a property? Follow this step-by-step guide to maximise your rental returns.

Step-by-Step Guide
Renovating To "Sell"

Want to renovate & flip a property? Follow this step-by-step guide to maximise your sale profits.

And There's More...

Construction Project Plan

Not sure if a property can be a profitable renovation? Our construction project plan will help you work this out. With the sequence of construction already mapped out, you’ll be able to cost up your renovation & know what profit you’ll make, before you sign any Contract of Sale. This tool also maps out your entire project plan, automatically does all your tradie “Scope of Works” documents, saving you countless hours of work. An essential tool for any renovator who wants to keep their projects on time & to budget.

Live Q&A Webinars

Got a question you’d like to ask Cherie? Want a second opinion on something? Got an out-of-the-box problem you’re not quite sure how to handle? Not a problem. As a student of Cosmetic Renovations For Profit, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Cherie direct on her monthly Q&A webinars. Your course expert is only a keyboard click away.

Meet Your Community

As a student of Cosmetic Renovations For Profit, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Join thousands of like-minded renovators who share local tradie & supplier contact details, project progress and before & after photo’s. Post a question, share your experiences, arrange meet-ups, the list goes on. Due to the large numbers of students in this group, replies tend to be instantaneous!

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

Over 20,000 Students Have Trusted Cherie’s
Structured Approach To Property Investment.

Cosmetic Renovations For Profit has a wide & diverse group of students who join us at different points in their property journey & use what they learn in different ways. Some students start with a renovation to their own home to create instant equity, spring boarding them faster into an investment property portfolio. Other students buy investment properties & flip them for a quick profit. Many others buy, renovate & rent investment properties, holding onto them for long term wealth creation. What unites all students, is the long-term goal of building a property portfolio to becoming financially secure.

Sarah T.

Springfield, Victoria

SALE PRICE: $685,000
NET PROFIT: $180,000

Susan M. & Narelle J.

Newcastle, NSW

SALE PRICE: $520,000

NET PROFIT: $116,000

Daniel & Melinda

Gold Coast, QLD

SALE PRICE: $565,000

NET PROFIT: $186,000

Martin & Leanne

Adelaide, SA

SALE PRICE:$660,000

NET PROFIT: $122,000

Be Trained By Cherie Barber –
Australia's Leading Expert On Renovating For Profit.

Years Experience
In Property
Students Trained
Social Followers

Cherie took on her first renovation in 1991 whilst holding down her full-time job. One of her early cosmetic projects, netted her a massive profit of $268,000, earning her 4 years’ salary in the space of just 8 short weeks. She’s now renovated 150+ homes, personally purchased over $75 million in property and has trained over 20,000 students who now replicate her proven process.

Cherie has been featured on every major Australian TV Network and has regularly starred in popular shows such as Channel 10’s ‘The Living Room’, Channel 9’s ‘Today Extra Show’ & her American series ‘5-Day Flip’. She’s been widely known as ‘Australia’s Renovation Queen’ since 2002 and is Australia’s undisputed authority on how to Renovate For Profit.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

See Cherie's Amazing Renovations That
Have Made Her Millions In Profits.

From cheap & cheerful properties to high-end homes, Cherie has done them all, often smashing suburb records in the process.

Cosmetic Renovation


NET PROFIT:  $44,408

Cosmetic Renovation


NET PROFIT: $50,000+

Cosmetic Renovation


NET PROFIT: $128,000

Structural Renovation


NET PROFIT: $300,000+

Structural Renovation


NET PROFIT: $1,000,000+

Here’s What You’ll Learn In
Cosmetic Renovations For Profit.

Develop a clear understanding on how to calculate your starting & useable equity, your borrowing capacity, passive income & how many properties you’ll need to acquire & have paid off, before you retire. Gain insights into asset protection, tax minimisation, finance flexibility & estate planning. Master how to set your property strategy so you reach your financial goals with strategic & calculated thought behind your actions.

Learn how the property market cycle works & how economic indicators control supply & demand. Get a solid understanding of capital growth triggers so you can identify suburbs that haven’t yet boomed in value. Understand the ways to strategically select growth suburbs & how to do thorough suburb due diligence before you buy. You’ll master how to analyse suburbs in microscopic detail to mitigate risk, leaving no stone unturned for all future property purchases.

Learn how to determine the true value of a property before you buy. Follow Cherie’s pricing due diligence system that enables you to gain microscopic knowledge of property values and pricing disparity levels within a suburb. In this module, you’ll learn the 6 key ways to determine what a property is truly worth.

Learn how to thoroughly & methodically research a property in absolute detail, using Cherie’s 75-point property due diligence checklist (developed over the course of 120+ property renovations). Crunch the numbers & master key financial formulas to avoid overcapitalising. Learn what changes add massive value & which ones don’t. This will ensure your renovation budget is directed into the right areas to uplift your property value.

In this module, understand the key conditions professional renovators can negotiate (when buying a property) to sweeten the deal & increase project profits. Learn how to tactfully deal with real estate sales agents & how to submit offers in different ways to achieve your intended result. Learn the steps involved in the legal contract exchange & property settlement process.

Certain renovation works may require you to obtain formal planning approval. Within the course, refer to our highly detailed State by State Building & Renovating Fact Sheets, prepared on Renovating For Profit’s behalf by a top Australian planning lawyer. With this knowledge, you’ll never need to worry about your renovations not being above board & legally compliant.

Learn the systematic way to project manage and transform your property to time, cost & quality targets. Learn how to advance organise your reno, stay seriously organised throughout the process & effective ways to brief, communicate & work effectively with tradies during your project. Understand how to keep your renovation under control in every respect, minimising chaos & stress for all involved.

Want to flip your property for quick profits? This module will teach you how to interview & engage the best performing sales agent. Learn the do’s & don’ts of property styling. Gain clarity on the essential marketing activities you should always undertake to create an effective sales & marketing campaign that gets your property sold for the highest price possible.

Looking to build wealth long-term? Learn about renovation rental deductions to minimise your tax, how to appoint the very best property management agent, how you vet & select quality rental tenants through to keeping your property performing well for years to come. You’ll also discover how to get your property revalued & leverage equity to fund your very next property purchase.

This System Will Help You, No Matter
Where You Are In Your Property Journey.

Leverage the power of a focussed investment strategy & smart renovations to grow your property portfolio faster.

Renovate your own home to uplift its value then leverage the equity to start your investment journey.

Become a pro renovator where your focus is to get in & out of your projects quickly for maximum return. You’ll sell or hold depending on your profit strategy.

You have no intention of throwing in the security of your full-time job but you’re keen to do renovations as a side gig to supplement your current income streams.

Gain expert knowledge so you buy the right type of property straight up using your head, not your heart. Simply repeat the process for every subsequent purchase.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

Optional Course Extras.

Want more? These optional extras can be added to your course at any time after you enrol.


Home SuperSaver Access

Save thousands off a wide range of renovation fixtures & fittings you’ll need in your projects. Enjoy major national account status at all Bunnings stores nationally & phenomenal discounts off a stack of other suppliers who drop ship nationally. Access to this group includes trusted tradies around the country. The savings that you get from this trade group will pay for your course, many times over.

RP Data

RP Data Professional is the leading data provider in property. Key offerings include:

  • Property details – photos, official information & sales history.
  • Suburb statistics & Comparative market report – sales & rentals.
  • Property valuation reports & Property watchlists.
  • Search by property, street, suburb & post code with aerial view of neighbourhoods.
  • Filter results by property type, land size, sale price & more.

Style Guides

Got no idea about interior design? No worries! You’ll love our interior & exterior digital style guides which have already been done for you. There’s no need to waste countless hours selecting all your paint colours, fittings & fixtures, finding suppliers & hunting down the very best prices, we’ve already done that for you. You’ll never need to hire an interior designer ever again. Style guides suit a wide range of Australian property types.

What Students Say About This Course

Love The Course Or Get Your Money Back.
10-Day Refund Guarantee.

We understand it’s a decent sum of funds for you to invest in. It’s natural for you to wonder if it’s all cracked up to be? Will it really help change your life? We’ll give you 10 days to decide if it is.

In the first 10 days, jump head-first into the course to see how extensive & thorough it is. Watch the video tutorials to see if cosmetic renovations are for you. If you decide it’s not, simply email us within your first 10 days & we’ll refund your money.

But be aware, there’s one caveat to stop this guarantee being abused – if you download any of the course notes, audio files, checklists, templates, financial calculators, construction project plan or style guides during this period, you’ll waive your right to a refund. We know you’ll think that’s fair.

Get Started With Australia's #1 Course In Property Investment & Renovation.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

Frequently Asked Questions.

Short answer, no. The smartest way to renovate for profit is to outsource the bulk of work to licensed tradespeople to ensure a high standard of quality. You can do some of the work yourself (if you want) however limit this to get your project completed on time.

Absolutely, many of our students start with their own homes to create instant equity. The course will teach you how to strategically uplift the value of your home by investing your funds in the key areas & changes that add the most value. The course will also ensure you budget correctly in each room, project manage your reno well and help remove a lot of emotion associated with renovating your own home to ensure you make a profit.

Cosmetic Renovations For Profit is suitable for complete newbie’s who’ve never done anything in property but have the desire to build a strong property portfolio, using renovation as their main wealth strategy. However, the course also attracts seasoned renovators & industry professionals. By way of example, one of our students had done approx. 40 renovations when he joined our program. We weren’t sure at the time if he’d learn a lot but he later citied he’d got enormous benefit from the program in his ability to look at things differently, refine his skills and polish up his processes for maximum renovation efficiency. The course is therefore suitable to a wide variety of people at different skill & experience levels.

You have lifetime access to the course for as long as it exists. You can download all the course notes, checklists, templates, financial calculators and construction project plan to your computer which you’ll have for life. 

Once you enrol online, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes with your course login details. You’ll have instant access to everything within your course.

No. Renovating For Profit have invested heavily in online security. You’re able to access your course via 2 registered devices only – either a desktop computer, laptop, IPAD or mobile. Renovating For Profit can detect fraudulent logins on your account. We are strict with this policy to prevent viral sharing of the significant assets that Cherie Barber has created in this course.

Our video tutorials are approximately 30 hours in total duration. You can study the whole course in 1 week if you do nothing else! Most students complete the course, part time, in around 3 months, balancing work commitments, home life & children. There is an off-line 6 to 9-week research period within the course that ensures you gain solid knowledge on Suburb, Pricing & Property Due Diligence. This course will give you lifelong skills in the field of property investment & renovation.

Upfront Payment: $1,995 (Save 16.7%)  or
Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Instalments x $399

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