An Online Course That Teaches You
How To Maximise Your Profits
As An Airbnb Host.

An Online Course That Teaches You
How To Maximise Your Profits
As An Airbnb Host.

You'll Learn How To...

This Course Includes:

Want To Make Money As An Airbnb Host? Treat It Like A Serious Side Gig.

Anyone can list a property on Airbnb but not everyone can make amazing profits from it. Most hosts list a property & achieve mediocre results. But then there are other hosts, who absolutely smash it…

To create life changing profits in Airbnb, you’ll need to learn & mimic the techniques that successful hosts employ every single day to catapult their listings into a different financial stratosphere.

Airbnb For Profit teaches new & experienced Airbnb hosts how to take your Airbnb results to the very next level, either as a lucrative side gig for extra income or even as a full-time career.

Lifetime Access For $495 Only.

An Online Course That Teaches You To Catapult Your Current Rental Returns or Build New Income Streams Through Short Term Rentals.

Assess Financial Feasibility & Profitability

What’s the one common thread between all successful businesses? They understand the importance of crunching the numbers to ensure you always remain profitable. This is a critical step most new Airbnb hosts fail at. We’ve developed all the financial tools you’ll need so you can succeed financially from the get-go.

Create An Irresistible Offering

There’s an art & science in taking an ordinary room or property and turning it into a winning listing that attracts constant bookings all year round. From a killer headline to compelling copy to powerful photography, there’s a series of things you’ll need to do to get your bookings flowing through & your profits rolling in.

Digitally Optimise Your Listing

There’s a massive difference between listing your property online and digitally optimising your property online. Knowledge of the latter will enable you to understand how the Airbnb marketing algorithm works so you can tweak your listing to get more views that result in more bookings. This leads to increased profits.

Automate Your Business & Watch It Grow

Does managing your Airbnb calendar & interacting with guests or cleaners seem like a real hassle? Think you can’t earn Airbnb income as a side gig whilst holding down your full-time job? Learn how to automate so many aspects of your Airbnb activities so it only consumes a few minutes of your time each day.

Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To
9 Modules, 54 Topics & 10+ Hours of Video Content.

Airbnb For Profit is a comprehensive online course if you’re wanting to create new income streams through short term rentals (regardless of whether you own a property or not). It’s an essential course also if you want to pay off your investment property mortgages faster by turning your rental properties into full-time Airbnb properties for greater profits.

1.1 – Introduction & Market Overview
1.2 – Defining Your Role
1.3 – Regulations
1.4 – Entity & Taxes
1.5 – Insurances

2.1 – Research – Location
2.2 – Research – Property Types
2.3 – Sub-Leasing A Property
2.4 – Financial Feasibility & Profitability

3.1 – Key Renovation Updates
3.2 – Styling Considerations
3.3 – Beautiful Bedrooms
3.4 – Lovely Living Rooms
3.5 – Dazzling Dining Rooms
3.6 – Killer Kitchens
3.7 – Bathrooms & Ensuites
3.8 – Fabulous Facades
3.9 – Outdoor Entertaining
3.10 – Likeable Laundries
3.11 – Consumables
3.12 – Keys & Access
3.13 – Rubbish Removal
3.14 – House Manual / Welcome Booklet

4.1 – Your Cleaners
4.2 – Your Maintenance Team
4.3 – Co-Hosts
4.4 – Short Term Rental Agency

5.1 – Host Responsibilities
5.2 – Create Your Listing
5.3 – A Killer Headline & Compelling Copy
5.4 – Powerful Photography
5.5 – Floor Plan
5.6 – Your Pricing Strategy
5.7 – Establishing House Rules

6.1 – Handling & Screening Bookings
6.2 – Approving Or Declining Bookings
6.3 – Mastering Your Calendar
6.4 – Price Discount Requests
6.5 – Early Check In & Late Check Out Requests
6.6 – Guest Meet & Greet
6.7 – Issues & Complaint Handling
6.8 – Property Damage
6.9 – Lost And Found
6.10 – Host & Guest Reviews
6.11 – Tracking Income & Expenses
6.12 – Obtaining Superhost Status
6.13 – Airbnb Plus

7.1 – Airbnb Search Engine Algorithms
7.2 – Marketing Affiliates
7.3 – Alternate Marketing Options

8.1 – Process Efficiencies
8.2 – Guest Messaging & Communications

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Lifetime Access For $495 Only.

Course Inclusions.

All the knowledge, tools, calculators & support you’ll need to become a highly profitable Airbnb host.

54 Video

Deep dive, immersive video tutorials on every aspect of running an Airbnb business.

Course Notes

Prefer learning by reading? We’ve got comprehensive course notes for you.

Checklists &

No scope for procrastination. Jump from learning into action with these practical resources.

The Ultimate
Welcome Manual

Put an end to the repetitive questions from your guests, with a house manual that answers it all.


Save hundreds in legal costs with our Sub-Leasing Legal Contract & Co-Host Service Agreement.

Income &
Expense Tracker

Track all Airbnb specific transactions in a single spot. Save time & stress while filing taxes.

Annual Cashflow Calculator

Unique to Airbnb For Profit, learn how to calculate your likely annual gross & net revenue, all before your very first booking. This essential tool will help you decide if a property is a viable opportunity before you go to the expense of styling it.

Profitability Calculator

Unique to Airbnb For Profit, our Profitability Calculator allows you to see & understand every single cost involved in your Airbnb activities so you know your true profitability for every booking. An essential tool to always ensure you stay profitable.

Meet Your Community

As a student of Airbnb For Profit, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Join like-minded Airbnb Hosts who share issues & discuss ideas that might be very useful to you. Post your questions, share your experiences, arrange meet-ups, the list of possibilities goes on. 

Lifetime Access For $495 Only.

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Be Trained By Cherie Barber –
Leading Property Educator & A Successful Airbnb SuperHost.

Cherie Barber is Australia’s leading renovation expert, property educator & an Airbnb Super Host. She’s been featured on every major Australian TV Network and has regularly starred in popular TV shows such as Channel 9’s Space Invaders, Channel 9’s ‘Today Extra Show’, Channel 10’s The Living Room & her American series ‘5-Day Flip’. Loved by her 250,000+ social followers & 20,000+ students, Cherie has a knack for breaking down any challenge into step-by-step processes that are quick & easy to replicate. She brings her expertise as a property educator to the ‘Airbnb For Profit’ course.

See Cherie's 360 Degree Approach To Airbnb That Makes Her Profitable In All Kinds Of Locations.

From granny flats to luxury apartments, urban to regional areas, Cherie has made profits from all kinds of properties & locations. The secret lies in getting EVERYTHING right.

2 Bedroom Granny Flat – 50 Km from Sydney CBD

Local real estate agents said Airbnb doesn’t work in this location as there were other Airbnbs at just $28 a night, attracting no bookings. Cherie went on to generate thousands of dollars each month in this location.

Strategy: Self-managed

Time Investment: 30 minutes per week

 Full-Time Tenant
(Quarterly Rent)
Airbnb Rental
(Quarterly Rent)
GROSS RENT$5,199$9,876
NET INCOME$4,857$7,836


3 Bedroom House – Byron Bay

Located in a popular tourist hotspot, already saturated with Airbnb rentals (43% of housing is Airbnb), Cherie managed to double her rental income by turning her full-time investment property into a full-time Airbnb rental.

Strategy: Hosted

Time Investment: 10 minutes per week

 Full-Time Tenant
(Yearly Rent)
Airbnb Rental
(Yearly Rent)
GROSS RENT$78,000$195,018
NET INCOME$72,852$150,957

Airbnb Hosting Could Work For You, No Matter Where
You're Based & What You Have To Offer.

Increase your rental returns & grow your property portfolio much faster.

Pay off your mortgage faster or add extra funds to your monthly cashflow.

Create a new income stream from your backyard or any unused land on your property.

Don’t have your own property but got time to invest? Sub-lease or cohost other people’s properties.

Lifetime Access For $495 Only.

What Students Say About This Course.

Need To Know More?
Typical Questions We Are Asked:

You can if you really know how to work the Airbnb system. You also need to style your property the right way, present it the right way online & smartly, digitally optimise your listing online. Keep in mind too that seasonal fluctuations will occur where you’ll be super busy some months & quieter at other times. We have a great tool in our course called ‘Annual Revenue Calculator’ that helps you calculate what your gross & net revenue is likely to be, all before you even start your Airbnb journey. This tool ultimately tells you whether you should Airbnb your property or not!

Most people are under the misconception that short stay rentals only work in inner city suburbs, beachside suburbs or tourist hotspots. Surprisingly, short stay rentals can be lucrative little money spinners in areas you’d never dream Airbnb to ever work. The Airbnb For Profit course shares details of what location drivers & property attributes make for great Airbnb investments.

Airbnb works everywhere. If you have an interstate investment property that you want to turn into an Airbnb rental property, you can appoint a co-host or a short-term rental agency which will enable you to be involved as much or as little as you like. You can’t just however appoint any old co-host or agency; you need to appoint good operators. We have 2 dedicated topics in the course called Co-Hosts and Short-Term Rental agencies. They share in extensive detail what you need to look out for, how to appoint these people & how to get them operating at peak performance.

Absolutely! It’s a very extensive course that covers things that even experienced hosts are likely to not know, especially on the digital marketing algorithm side. There’s also a heap of strategic guest communication templates and tracking tools that can help experienced hosts, go to that next level.

You sure do if you plan to lease & sub-lease your rental property. The Airbnb For Profit course has one whole topic dedicated to sub-leasing and shares details of how you incentivise your landlord to say yes. The course also contains a pre-drafted sub-leasing agreement that you get your landlord to sign so everything is above board.

You have lifetime access to the course for as long as it exists. You can download all the course notes, checklists, templates & financial calculators to your computer which you’ll have for life.

Once you enrol online, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes with your course login details. You’ll have instant access to everything within your course.

Short answer, no. Renovating For Profit have invested heavily in online security. You’re able to access your course via 2 registered devices only – either a desktop computer, laptop, IPAD or mobile. Renovating For Profit can detect fraudulent logins on your account. We are strict with this policy to prevent viral sharing of the significant assets that Cherie Barber has created in this course.

Lifetime Access For $495 Only.

Still got questions? CLICK HERE to email us or call (02) 9555 5010

Airbnb For Profit
$ 495.00