A Seaside Renovation On A Budget

Mel and AJ are first time flippers doing their first renovation. They have grand plans to throw in their full-time jobs in order to spend more time with their son and enjoy life a bit more.

They have bought a 3 bedroom un-renovated house in a seaside location but don’t have the full budget of what you should spend on a cosmetic reno. Can they do everything they need to, to get the place looking great and also make a great profit at the same time?  RFP guru, Cherie Barber is bought in to help this young couple make it happen.



The reno strategy was a complete, whole house make-over, internally and externally to increase the property value in order to create equity for the homeowners to buy their next property. The works included:

Internal Improvements:

  • Removal of wall paper
  • Complete painting throughout
  • New kitchen installation
  • Cosmetic refurbishment of existing bathroom
  • Upgrade all electrical fixtures and fittings including switchboard upgrade
  • Remove structural walls to create open plan living / dining / kitchen area
  • Removal of carpet
  • Floor sanding and polishing of all floors
  • Remove old window coverings and install new slimline venetian blinds
  • Other miscellaneous improvements internally i.e. replace door handles, door knobs etc.




External Improvements:

  • Acrylic render whole house
  • External painting done D.I.Y
  • Installation of new front fence, side fence and gate
  • Remove excess landscaping and install new landscaping elements
  • High pressure clean all driveways and pathways
  • Other minor external improvements


Property Purchase Price: $450,000

Property Value (Before Reno): $450,000

Total Reno Spend: $34,375

Time frame: 13 Days

Property Breakeven Point: $484,375

Property Sold (Immediately After Reno): $565,000

Gross Profit Margin: $80,625





Base Coat: Acrylic Render

Brand: Dulux Texture

Colour: Taubmans “Sealord” (Paint In Render)


Taubmans Endure

Colour: Taubmans White


Taubmans Paving Paint

Tinted to Taubmans “Black Forest”






Taubmans Endure Interior

Colour: Secret Passage




5 Responses to “A Seaside Renovation On A Budget
  1. how can they be doing all that for so cheap? Can you share a cost breakdown? How much work would this be involved for themselves?

    Thanks, Jessie

    1. alot of tasks are DIY, except for where there are professional skills required ie electrical and plumbing.

  2. Hi, it is possible to share a cost breakdown?
    I don’t really understand how the total can be so cheap. Looking online I see that only the acrylic render is at least $15,000
    thanks !!

  3. Stamp duty?

    1. Hi Fredrik,

      Stamp duty is not a renovation cost but categorised as an acquisition cost. The gross profit was $80,625 less stamp duty (roughly $18,000) gave the owners a net profit margin of around $60,000 approximately. They lived in the property for a short while so where able to claim the property as their principle place of residence therefore no capital gains tax either. Hope this helps. Cherie x

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