10 Day Cosmetic Renovation Nets $40,000 + Profit

Many of you will know by now, that I personally love renovating & am passionate about educating others on it too. Why? Because renovating (although often hard work) has changed my life financially. But renovating is not always as simple as what it seems on a lot of renovation TV shows. So for my latest blog, I’ve decided to show you a real renovation, from start to finish, completed in just 10 days for homeowner, Louise.

Click on the video below to watch Louise’s renovation, a single female in her 30’s, who was at a crossroads whether she should renovate and sell her investment property whilst property prices were declining in value.






For those of you who are keen to learn how to do renovations properly, in a more disciplined, structured manner, enrol now in Cosmetic Renovations For Profit.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to my team or I at [email protected]


    1. Hi Jen – there have been no recent government changes if you sell under 12 months. If you renovate and sell a property that is not your principal place of residence, you pay capital gains tax. If you sell within the first 12 months, CGT is at its highest rate. If you sell after 12 months, it automatically drops by 50%. The entity in which you buy your property in also affects what amount of tax you pay also so there are ways to minimize your liability if you structure yourself correctly before you buy the property. In this renovation, Louise has the property listed as her PPOR so no capital gains tax payable as she lived in the property for the first few years under the 6 year CGT ruling. Hope this helps. C x

  1. Loved how much of a impact the roof spray had to the outside and make it look instantly fresher. I regret not doing that on a few of my renos now ….

  2. Just loved the new renovations and how fresh the house looked compared to before which looks like a typical house back in the 80s. Great job.

  3. Love the tile glaze and roof spray approach. Kitchen doors repainted etc. Also love your vibe and character Ma’am. Take care out there all. Thanks. Greg

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