Budget Fixes To Improve Your Home

With so many of us, forced to spend time at home (over the last few months) during lockdown, you may now have noticed all the little things around your home, that could do with some attention.

Renovating doesn’t always need to be an expensive exercise. Sometimes, the simplest of changes can make the world of difference to not only the feel of your space, but your property value too.

I recently completed a Channel 9 renovation. My task? Do 3 simple cosmetic upgrades to a home, that anyone could do, all on a miniscule budget. Click on the video below to see what I did.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy renovating,

Cherie x

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  1. Power of paint – really is amazing! I was dubious about the paint colour for the bedroom, but tonally works beautifully with the rest of the furnishings. So quick! (I probably would’ve tackled painting the bed, but no need!)

  2. Very clever use of paint colours – it really is making sure you get the colour right – at least you can paint it again if you don’t like it!! So clever Cherie

  3. Such a great coordination of colours and textures. Easy make over when you utilise what is already there. Great tips Cherie.

  4. Love the orange. It works so nicely with the timber and black accessories. You are bold and courageous, I love it!

    1. Hi Ann – I was a little hesitant at first to use these colours but the orange definately works well with the natural timber & black accessories. Glad you like it! C x

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