Cherie Barber’s 100th Home Renovation

If 100 home renovations were a birthday, Cherie Barber, aka the Renovation Queen™ would be receiving a letter from the Queen.

In the 90’s Cherie never knew she’d become Australia’s favourite renovator but she has done that by flipping houses for a profit and not being afraid to teach other people how to as well.

As Colin Powell would say “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”


Cherie is determined and has produced a lot of sweat over the past 25 years, averaging four renovations per year, including her own and client properties.

Cherie’s 100th home renovation on Channel 10’s The Living Room helped first-time renovators turn their Dural five bedroom family home into a luxurious $137,091 net profit in just nine days!

It was a case of out with the old and in with the new when Cherie cosmetically transformed the whole inside of Mr. Daniel’s home to become ‘luxuriously sleek.’ On day nine, Mr. Daniels could barely recognise his family home.

Mr. Daniels told The Hills Shire Times the result was “absolutely amazing” and said Ms. Barber “did an amazing job.”



On top of renovating 100 properties, hosting a radio show, featuring on TV shows across Australia, United States of America and Malaysia, and becoming an author; Cherie has also taught over 11,000 renovation students how to Renovate For Profit.

“Let’s face it – anyone with a flair for design and an open cheque book can make a property look amazing, but big ideas require big budgets that will eat into your profits. If renovating is your wealth building strategy, then you have to avoid following design trends and keep your eye on the bottom line!” Says Cherie.


Cherie Barber is a woman on a mission and continues to teach thousands of students how to become a king or queen of renovations, with eight simple steps.

Whether you’re an individual, partnership or a budding family that wants to get their hands dirty, you could be the next great renovator making $137,000 net profit in just nine (9) days.

Become part of Australia’s largest community of renovators and learn how to increase your wealth through property, by enrolling in Australia’s most popular renovation course, Cosmetic Renovations For Profit, and secure your tickets to Cherie’s 3 Day Cosmetic Renovation Bootcamp.

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