Cherie’s St. Clair Renovation

Belinda and Frank describe their eight person family as “yours, mine and ours”. The couple bought their family home four years ago and so far they have renovated the bathroom, ensuite as well as making some other small cosmetic changes to other parts of the house. Belinda and Frank realise that their kitchen needs a complete overhaul to meet the needs of this family of eight, but unfortunately they don’t have the capital to do this. As such, they’ve asked for the help of Cherie Barber, who will hopefully be able to offer some advice to this couple and help spruce up their tired looking kitchen. Hopefully Cherie is able to help this family meet their needs on a very small budget.



Cherie’s renovation strategy was to create a more modern looking kitchen whilst meeting the needs of this large family by creating more space. The works included:

  • Move existing kitchen cabinetry into different positions to create a more functional layout.
  • Modify existing kitchen cabinetry to fit the new layout including new decorative trims.
  • Create a new large pantry (as no pantry previously in the kitchen).
  • Install new benchtop in sections.
  • Install new kitchen appliances.
  • Install new feature splashback.
  • Cosmetically refresh all existing kitchen cabinets and bench tops.
  • Install new window finishings.



Property Value (Before Renovation): $750,000.00

Renovation Spend Total: $4,091.20

Renovation Timeframe: 5 days

Property Breakeven Point: $754,091.20

Property Value (After Renovation): $765,000.00

Gross Profit Margin: $10,908.80


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  1. Hi Cherie,
    I have white cupboards inside and out that I was thinking to paint the doors dark grey. Might be a silly question but when you change colour do you always paint insides of you cupboards the same colour as well or do you just paint the fronts of cupboards that you see from the outside?
    Also I have white walls (dulux lexicon quarter that we recently change, before that had dulux chalk USA) so I was thinking of painting the white cupboards a dark grey with me repainting the bench tops white (that are currently a pink/ beige colour) /tiles around stove top white. Or do you think keep all the cupboards white as they are originally (but they need to be repainted) walls white and then just repaint the bench top a dark grey. Just in two minds not sure which combo to do but know I want grey/white.. what do you think is on trend more/but will suit for a good 5 years plus before we redo properly with new style. What brand do you use to paint laminated kitchen cupboards and do you use spray or roll on paint?
    Also between white knight brand andthe rusteolium ( sp?) brand of bench top paint kits which do you think is the best but easiest for a first time user? Any advise would be much appreciated
    Cheers Kylea

  2. Hi

    I have the exact profile on our kitchen doors as is shown in the St Clair kitchen improvement you did. Are there instructions on how you achieved the change in profile and get rid of those 80s patterns

    Thanks Mandy

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