The membership community that gets you big discounts off the brands you love.

Save thousands each year on items you need to renovate & style your home, along with everyday items you use in your normal day-to-day life.


The membership community that gets you big discounts off the brands you love.

Save thousands each year on items you need to renovate & style your home, along with everyday items you use in your normal day-to-day life.

Start Saving Today:

What Is Home SuperSaver?

Let’s face it, life is expensive. Groceries, petrol, eating out, a few bottles of wine each week … it all adds up. Throw a renovation into the mix & money starts flying out the door, no matter who you are.

This very dilemmna prompted us years ago to start negotiating with renovation suppliers to get the very best deals for our student community. Over time, we’ve expanded this group to include home furnishings & more recently, products you’re likely to use on a day-to-day basis. 

Called Home SuperSaver, it’s a large community of over 1 million members who collectively as a group (through “people-power”), achieve volume discounts. As an individual, you can now tap straight into a big world of discounts, normally only reserved for individuals or companies with large scale ordering quantities.

See some of our discounted reno products:

On 51,000 Products (Approx)
All Bunnings Stores Nationally

Flatpack Kitchen Cabinetry

40% Off RRP
Kitchen Appliance Packages

Up To 30% Off RRP
Tradex, Easycoat
& Taubmans Paints

Carpet, Laminate & Engineered
Floorboards & Vinyl Flooring

25% Off RRP
Lighting, Fans & Electricals
Beacon Lighting Stores Nationally
Up To 50% Off Laminate Benchtops
All Matt & Gloss Laminate Benchtops.
25% Off RRP
Doors & Awnings
15% Off RRP
Vanities, Baths, Toilets, Sinks, Showers & Accessories
15 – 28% Off RRP
Selected Internal Doors
15% Off RRP
Skirting Boards, Architraves
& Mouldings

How It Works.

It’s easy to tap straight into a wide range of discounts across home renovation, home furnishings & common items you’re likely to use in your normal day-to-day life.

Join The

Get Access To Our
Portal Within Minutes.

Browse All
Our Offers.

Enter Your Discount Codes Online
or Present Them In Store To
Receive Instant Discounts.

Home SuperSaver

$ 99

> What You Get

1 year membership to The Ambassador Card

See some of our home furnishings deals here:

10% Off RRP
Aluminium & Timber Venetians
30% Off RRP
Off All Rugs
20% Off RRP
All Artworks & Prints
12.5% Off RRP
On All Cushion Covers
10% Off RRP
Sheets, Quilts, Pillows,
Towels & Linens
20% Off RRP
All Furniture
15 % Off RRP
Curtains, Linens,
Throws & Cushion
30 – 40% Off RRP
All Ergolife Beds
15% Off RRP
All Outdoor Cushions
25% Off RRP
All Artworks & Frames
15% Off RRP
All Beanbag Orders

Just Some Of The Ways You Can Save Big $$$
On Items Needed For Your Renovation.


Products Used Kaboodle Cabinetry & Benchtop Home SuperSaver Price $ 3,939.28
Normal Retail Price $ 4,804.00 Savings $ 864.72


Products Used Various Taubmans Endure Paints Home SuperSaver Price $ 942.45
Normal Retail Price $ 1,246.40 Savings $ 303.95


Products Used Stainless Steel Appliance Package Home SuperSaver Price $ 1,229.00
Normal Retail Price $ 2,458.00 Savings $ 1,229.00


Products UsedWater Resistant Laminate FloorboardsHome SuperSaver Price$ 5,445.00
Normal Retail Price$ 7,425.00Savings$ 1,980.00

Home SuperSaver

$ 99

> What You Get

1 year membership to The Ambassador Card

It Just Gets Better
The Ambassador Card as a FREE BONUS ITEM.

We’ve strategically teamed up with The Ambassador Card, Australia’s premier member benefits program. When you buy a membership in Home SuperSaver, you’ll automatically get The Ambassador Card (normally $195 per year) as a FREE BONUS ITEM, opening you up to over 3,500 discounts in big brand stores, restaurants, hotels & many more.

Offer Categories:

eGift Cards

Food & Wine

Travel & Accommodation


Tickets & Attractions


Home Services

Finance & Insurance

Health & Wellbeing

Never Pay Full Retail Price Again.

5% discount here, 10% there … it all adds up to big savings each year. When you become a member of Home SuperSaver, you can buy store e-cards at a reduced price, that you simply use in store.

For example: If you wanted to buy a new $1,000 fridge at The Good Guys, you’d pay $950 in our portal but get $1,000 in e-cards to use in store.

Just some of our big brand deals include: Coles & Woolies – 4% Off,
K-Mart, Target & Big W – 5% Off, Priceline Pharmacy – 10% Off,
Dan Murphys & BWS – 5%, Ampol & United – 5% Off, Myer & Harvey Norman – 5% Off.

CLICK HERE to see our big brand e-card discounts.

Check Out What You Can Potentially Save
With Our Ambassador Card Alliance Alone …

Service Before Discount After Discount Saving
4% Discount
$300 / week =
$15,600 / year
$15,600 $14,976 $624
5% Discount
60 Litres / week
x 2 cars ...
120 Litres / week
6,240 Litres / year
@$1.40 per Litre
$8,736 $8,299 $437
Family Holiday
Average 35% Discount
Attractions & Food
$5,000 $3,250 $1,750
Cinema Tickets / Entertainment
35% Discount
$1,000 / year
$1,000 $650 $350
Dine out twice per month
spending a total of $200.
Save $25 / visit = $50 / month
$2,400 $1,800 $600
Annual Total $32,736 $28,819 $3,761

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Try It Out Yourself.

Enter your approximate spend each month to find out how much you’ll save with our Ambassador Card alone.

This doesn’t factor in all the savings you get on your renovation & home furnishing products too!

Everyday Expenses* Monthly Spend Monthly Savings Yearly Savings
Dining Out
Movie Tickets
Beer, Wine & Spirits
Clothes and Accessories
Homewares and Electronics
Health and Beauty
Gifts and Presents
Annual Expenses* Annual Spend    
Car Hire
Car Servicing
Total Potential Savings*

*The numbers shown are estimates of potential savings per month &/or per year with The Ambassador Card based upon the nominated spend for each category. Actual savings will depend upon individual circumstances, including actual spend & usage of The Ambassador Card benefits. The discounts for each category vary. 1% credit card fee may apply to some credit card transactions. Physical cards & tickets will incur a delivery fee. The Ambassador Card benefits are accessed via a variety of methods including discounted gift cards & vouchers, show & save & promotion codes.

Home SuperSaver

$ 99

> What You Get

1 year membership to The Ambassador Card

Why Our Members Love Home SuperSaver.

Here’s just a small sample of what our members say.

Frequently Asked Questions.

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email (within a few minutes) containing your login & password details to our Home SuperSaver portal. This lists all our discounted product deals with discount codes. You can order products immediately online or purchase items in store, depending on the supplier.

When you join, you’ll be able to see all our big brand store offers under our Ambassador Card e-gift card section. Simply click into any supplier & purchase an e-card in our portal. For some suppliers, you’ll buy the e-card within our portal & for others, you’ll be redirected to the supplier website to complete your purchase.

You receive your discount when you buy the online e-card. For example: If you wanted to buy a $500 Coles or Woolies groceries e-card, you’d receive a $500 e-card but only pay $480 for it (4% discount). You do not get any further discounts at the cash register in store as the e-card you’ve purchased already has been discounted. Once you complete your purchase, the e-card is sent to your email within 3 or less business hours typically. If you purchase outside of business hours, you’ll receive your e-card the next business day.

You then scan the voucher in store at the cash register or enter your voucher number on-line, until your card value is spent.

We are currently one of Bunnings major national accounts. Home SuperSaver members receive discounts off approximately 51,000 products in Bunnings stores nationally with discounts ranging from 5 to 45% off RRP (depending on the product).

As soon as you join Home SuperSaver, you’ll be provided instructions on how to set-up a personal or business ABN & your Bunnings PowerPass card. Once your Bunnings PowerPass account is set up, we link our national account code to your PowerPass card, that automatically links these discounts to your PowerPass card. It can take 7 to 10 days for your Bunnings PowerPass card to be set up so please don’t leave this to the last minute. Once set-up, you simply show your Bunnings PowerPass card at the cash register for ongoing discounts. Members typically save thousands of dollars each year in Bunnings stores alone, particularly if they’re doing a renovation.

There is no physical membership card required for any Home SuperSaver deals. Only some suppliers in The Ambassador card require you to show a digital membership card. Our portal instantly produces your digital membership card when you click into certain supplier offers. You simply save your digital membership card to your mobile phone & show this in store to obtain your discounts.

1 individual constitutes 1 Home SuperSaver membership only. You can certainly buy items on behalf of your family & friends through your membership however only registered members get access to our membership portal, email communications & general product support.

We don’t permit any refunds in Home SuperSaver as all the supplier offers, discount codes & Ambassador card deals are immediately visible as soon as you join & can therefore be downloaded & purchased. The only exception to this refund policy is if you can prove the group will not save you (at the very minimum) your yearly membership fee. We’re highly confident that once you join, you won’t want a refund. Members often report that this group has saved them many thousands of dollars.

Your Home SuperSaver membership is for 1 year (12 months) from the date you join. Your membership will NOT automatically renew, however you will receive 2 emails from us, 1 month & 2 weeks prior to your membership auto-renewing, asking if you want to opt into another year’s membership.

You’ll continue to get free access to the Ambassador Card for as long as your Home SuperSaver membership continues. You’ll continue to receive the benefits of the Ambassador Card at no further cost.

Yes, most deals are across all states of Australia. Many suppliers offer shipping Australia wide. The Ambassador Card also offers an array of restaurant & hotel deals in every state of Australia. All the big brand product offers are also available Australia wide.

All new offers are communicated to our members by email. Should your email address change, please notify us via [email protected]

If you experience any issue in receiving your discounts, please phone our customer service team on (02) 9555 5010 & we’ll resolve any issue with the supplier immediately.

If you are a company, wanting to provide this as a staff employment benefit or you have any existing community that you wish to extend Home SuperSaver to your members, please contact [email protected] for a specific quotation. 

Still got questions? CLICK HERE to email us or call (02) 9555 5010

CONTACT US: to become a supplier.

Home SuperSaver 1 Year Membership
$ 99.00