10 Interior Design Trends For Aussie Homes in 2023

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Well, it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog … my apologies for that! Over the last 5 months, I took a break from writing blogs & social posts & focussed more on getting my toolbelt back on, renovating 10 houses over the course of 14 weeks for Channel 9’s Space Invaders show. It was mayhem & exhausting to say the least, but I can’t wait to share all the before & after pics on my blogs & social posts in early February when the first episode of Season 3 goes to air.

As it’s the start of a new year, what better time I thought, than to give you a round-up of the key interior design trends you’re likely to see throughout 2023 in people’s homes & in retail stores around the country.

Without question, the 2 main concepts leading interior design trends in 2023 is sustainability & individualism. These two values are influencing all things home renovation, interiors & styling this year as we continue to reject the impact that fast-moving micro trends (specific items that are super trendy for a short period of time) have had on the environment & on our wallets …

2023 is the year of YOU. It’s all about creating spaces that reflect you individually without exploiting the environment & other people in the process. And this has become ever so important in these post pandemic years where our homes continue to be our workplaces & thus a craving to make these spaces as alluring & comfortable as possible, given the amount of time we now all spend at home.


It’s official, knockoffs & designer rip-offs are out. Investing in quality pieces that you’ll love for decades, is in. With most of us having spent significantly more time at home over the last couple of years, we’ve all gotten much more familiar with our furniture. We’ve discovered that cheap, just doesn’t last. 2023 is going to be the year of investing in high quality pieces that you love, not just what you see randomly on an Instagram ad. By investing in timeless pieces that speak to you, you’re way less likely to get rid of them in a couple of years’ time, when they’re no longer considered “trendy”.

chesterfield sofa

This modern-day version of the chesterfield sofa is a classic that will stand the test of time.
Image via: www.jamesstewartfurniture.com.au

Don’t have the budget for bespoke, handmade furniture? Not a problem! There are so many great places to get pre-loved, good quality furniture. Facebook Marketplace, Salvos, Vinnies, & Gumtree are fantastic places to get solid pieces for a bargain. Given we have such great resurfacing products in Australia like the Frenchic range of chalk & mineral paints or the White Knight Tile & Laminate Paint, it easy to rejuvenate old, second-hand pieces of furniture to your own distinctive style.

Before & After – Sideboard
Photo Credit: www.frenchic.com.au

Investing in handmade or pre-loved pieces goes way deeper than buying a piece of furniture. More people are appreciating that old pieces have a history & therefore a story, which is becoming increasingly important as society moves towards a slower, cosier lifestyle. It also allows you to choose pieces that uniquely speak to you, plus it can be a great conversation starter when friends come over!

before sideboard

Products such as Frenchic’s chalk, mineral & alfresco paints can transform pre-loved pieces to your own individual style in just 1 or 2 days!


In 2022, the term “dopamine dressing” was coined. Essentially, it’s the idea of wearing bold patterns & colours on your clothes to boost your mood, and in 2023, this same concept is making its way into our interiors. Taubmans recently published a great article about the effect that colour has on our moods, especially when times are tough.

When using multiple bold colours in an interior, it helps to understand colour theory to ensure your space looks curated. If you’re someone however, that’s totally hopeless putting colours together, you’ll love this nifty little tool called the Canva Colour Wheel. Just choose the colour you’d like to start out with, then choose a scheme & the system automatically recommends matching colours to create a balanced palette for you.

Purple is a key colour predicted for 2023.
It’s great for wellbeing, evoking a sense of stability & balance.

Earth colours such as terracotta’s, clays & forest greens continue to dominate our interior palettes into 2023, as do all the sorts of colours you’ll find in your spice jars at home. Think mustards, paprika, turmeric yellows & so on. These colours add a lot of warmth to your room, making them feel a lot less sterile.

Colours like sage & forest greens continue to be ever so popular as we continue to seek to bring the outside, into our homes. Browns are also expected to be appearing more, which naturally work well with many of the natural looking fixtures & fittings we’re installing in our homes.

Expect the colours on your walls to also continue onto your cabinetry so less contrast is emphasised between some of the different surfaces you’ll find in rooms.

Cabinetry painted in the same colours as your walls is gaining momentum.
Image via: Emily Clarke

Not game enough to paint your entire room a bold colour? Don’t stress, use pops of those bolder colours in multiple places in your room, with a neutral base instead. The room below highlights how a safe, neutral colour scheme of grey walls & white trims, is brightened up by a sage green privacy screen with matching potholder & plants for design cohesion. I think we’ll all agree, this room is calm yet still has personality.

Still not sure where to start? WGSN, the world’s top trend forecasting organisation, has compiled a list of bright hues (below) that we’ll be seeing everywhere this year. But remember, 2023 is the year of long-lasting design that YOU love, so only choose colours that make you feel good.

Image via: www.WGSN.com


Sorry minimalism lovers, layering your interiors are back. Home decor pieces such as unique vases, candles & ornaments are stealing the spotlight at the moment and will continue to be huge in 2023. Cute tableware pieces such as coloured glasses & patterned plates are also becoming everyday essentials as dinner parties become popular again as more of us choose to socialise at home.

Image via: www.fazeek.com.au

Key brands that are killing this trend at the moment are Fazeek, In The Roundhouse & Maison Balzac but don’t forget to check out your local op shop as it’s guaranteed to be chock-a-block full of unusual vases & crockery at a fraction of the cost of new pieces.

Patterned plates will be a favourite styling item in 2023.
Image via: In The Round.House


Would it be an article about 2023 without mentioning the cost-of-living crisis? As basics get more expensive & a lot of people are living in smaller homes, it’s essential that items in our homes have multiple purposes.

IKEA spoke to people in densely packed cities all around the world about how they get maximum usage out of their tiny spaces & a key take away was that furniture needs to be able to do multiple things. Whether it’s a table that can be used as storage, a coffee table and a dining table all rolled into one, or nifty storage solutions that look good as well as being practical, 2023 is going to see the market saturated with multifunctional, artistic furniture & homewares.

This tiny home in Paris utilises multi-functional furniture
that pulls out when needed & conserves space when it’s not.
Image via: Inhabitat.com


Mixing mid-century & art deco boldness with polished, modern accents is set to be huge in 2023. This design style is also called “transitional design” and the basic idea is mixing sleek, modern pieces with preloved, more ornate details to keep it fresh but full of character.

Sydney based Architect, Nick Tobias, balances this style perfectly. Mid-century elements like the Poul Henningsen pendant light, La Rotonda dining table & brown / orange colour palette are combined with modern white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances & simple leather chairs. It creates a modern interior with hints of history successfully mixed in, which looks striking yet uncontrived.

Image via: Vogue Living

Contrast is the key to creating a considered, timeless interior so try to strike a balance between clean modern elements & artistic vintage.


Grid & check patterns were huge in 2022 & they look like they’ll still be going strong into 2023. Vintage style florals & paisleys are also set to be popular this year, especially as wallpaper accents. Contrasting geometric patterns such as checks or stripes with more organic ones like florals, paisley or abstract shapes, is a super fun way to add a bit of sophisticated quirkiness to your home. Not sure if you want to commit to such a bold statement? Throw pillows & cushions are a great way to have fun with this trend in a low-risk, easily changeable way.

These modern vintage cushions from Bonnie and Neil add an element of fun to any home.


If you’re still not sold on the maximalist boldness that is taking charge this year, don’t worry, there’s still space for you. Raw finishes, natural finishes, meshes & recycled materials will be recurring throughout design, really highlighting nature & the simpler things in life.

After oak having a long run, it’s finally time for slightly darker timber with more character to take the spotlight. Add in some accents of rattan, natural wool & warm stones for a truly textural experience.

Image via: MRTN Architects

These recycled bricks with all their imperfections, look right at home with this modern exterior. West Bend House by MRTN Architects


Sustainability is something we’re all super familiar with by now. Luckily, due to the push for every person & industry to become more environmentally friendly, there are cool, new products coming onto the market, more frequently now.

Even IKEA has jumped on the bandwagon & re-released their iconic Billy range to use a paper foil veneer instead of a wood veneer which means it uses less material overall. Synthetics are so yesterday & products made from things such as leather offcuts & FSC certified timber are all the go. Tencel, hemp & bamboo are growing in popularity as a replacement for water hungry cotton.

The Polka stool from Koskela is an enviro-conscious stool, made from 100% recycled materials. Not only does it look good, it does good too.


We all love indoor outdoor living & whilst already popular for some time now, this trend ain’t disappearing anytime soon. Australian homes will continue to look for unpretentious ways to bring the outside environment, indoors. This can be achieved by strategically planting green spaces in front of window or door openings, providing a green view, straight into your home. Fixtures such as window bench seats not only provide a practical sitting & relaxation zone, but views of greenery into your home.


With so many people still working from home or only a few days a week in the office, home offices are likely to get fancier. Expect to see rooms converted to more productive workspaces incorporating more plug-in outlets, faster Wi-Fi & the like. People will be rejuvenating their home work space to create an atmosphere that is conducive to productive work & creativity, with as little distractions as possible.

Image via: Sivak & Partners

Overall, interior design in 2023 is all about doing what makes you & the planet happy. When renovating, it can be tempting to just go for the quickest, less expensive option at hand. However, taking a second to slow down, spend more time sourcing new or second-hand pieces that make you happy, can pay dividends. And if those pieces can be sourced within a reasonable distance & not be shipped in ocean liners across the planet, surely that’s a good thing for all of us.

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  1. thank you Cherie for keeping us up to date with the new decorating trends. It is interesting how old is new again. The 60’s did and always will have a lot of influence on trending designs I think.

    1. Yes absolutely Kate. I personally love it when we can mix the old with the new. Anything that avoids unnecessary landfill, is surely a good thing. CB x

  2. Thank you for sharing interior design trends for 2023. Great read and plenty of food for thought. Happy New Year to you and your team, I’m looking forward to following along this year with all of your wonderful projects 🫶🏽 many thanks.

    1. Your most welcome Stephanie & a Happy New Year to you also. So happy that you enjoyed the read, have a super day! Cherie Crew x

  3. Trends are trends, some more lovely than others- styles have more permanency. If you are flipping a property plan around the trend you chose being at its peak or edging towards it (not past its use-by date when the property hits the market), there is also the breath of market appeal to consider. If you plan to live in the property yourself, why not indulge your passion, being different keeps the world interesting, and that has a positive outcome on everyone’s mental health.

  4. Hey Cherie, I have always loved old, never been a fan of contemporary, I have lots of it, it’s great to see it appreciated again

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