Learn how to style your bathroom in 3 minutes

Learn quick tips and tricks on styling your bathroom in under 3 minutes from celebrity Designer – James Treble


[00:00:02]  Whether you’ve just moved into a brand new home or you’ve just completed a bathroom renovation to elevate this beautiful room into something practical and beautiful. It’s all about the styling.

[00:00:15]  So whether this is for your dream home or you’re using Interior Design For Profit to sell your home, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks today that you can use in your own right, when styling any room.

[00:00:27]  It’s important to consider the eye-line. That is how the room is viewed from the doorway that enters that room. From there you can easily see the key areas that need to be styled. I want to create a hotel feel right now, so to start I’m going to use this stool. It gives me a great surface to place objects that allow me to have that spa feel; that time to lie back in the bath. And to dress up this freestanding bath I’m adding this great geo towel and just draping it over the edge to add some patterns and texture to this room. The shower is often overlooked but a great nieche like this, it’s screaming to be styled. A couple of bottles of shampoo and a little hint of green and you can see the transformation. The little wicker basket on the side adds an earthy tone that ties in the timber store next to the bath.

[00:01:25]  The vanity of course is the most important. It is the space we usually start and finish every day. So I’m going to use a beautiful pop of green here in a large oversized plant. The scale of this plant is working because of the huge mirror behind it.

[00:01:41]  I’m now adding some nice little objects, a couple of towels, a little tray and a beautiful piece of handmade soap. Just to give me a luxurious feel and personalize the space.

[00:01:54]  Then when it comes to towels a little bit of texture and a little bit of pattern will elevate how this looks. Try different ways of styling them. In this case a group of three works a treat. So there you have it. What do you think? This bathroom now has personality and style to compliments the beautiful finishes. Remember when your styling your bathrooms at home, it’s about creating an emotional response to make a space that you and others will want to spend time with.

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  1. Really loved this bathroom styling story by Jame Treble, it’s inspired me to makeover my own bathroom at home.

    Just wondering where I can go to buy the styling goods featured in this video?

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