How To Have The Best Shower!

In the cluttered world of emails, I bet that image above caught your attention, right? In times like this, we all need a little dose of humour …

However, when it comes to showers, I’ll share my wisest words of wisdom right up front:

Don’t sing in the shower …
Because singing leads to dancing …
Dancing leads to slipping …
Slipping leads to paramedics seeing you naked 😊

Now, let’s be frank. Your shower is something you use at least once every day… well, hopefully! While many of us are still enduring covid-induced lockdowns & working from home, it’s not a legitimate excuse to stay in your PJ’s all day & skip that all essential shower time. Ewwww ….

You may not know it but the average Aussie spends 7 minutes of their daily life in the shower which cumulatively adds up to almost an hour each week. In all seriousness, have you ever really given your shower space a second thought?

Great showers don’t happen by fluke, they’re often the result of someone buying a decent shower head to begin with. Watch my latest Cook’s Plumbing Supplies video to see what I mean …

As the video highlights, when it comes to showers, there’s no one size fits all. Next time you’re considering a bathroom reno, you might want to give this part of your home, a little more serious attention. After all, isn’t this the place you make some of life’s most important decisions?


If you’re on a mission from God to get a decent shower from here on in, you’ll need to buy the right shower head. These are the main types that each perform differently:

  • Ceiling Mounted Shower – These only use to be the domain of luxury hotels & high-end homes but are increasingly popular in homes of all values these days. This shower head is mounted into your ceiling or on an arm from your ceiling, with water flowing straight down like rainfall. This type of shower head is great to wash your whole body all at once, but the downside is, you can’t adjust the water direction. If you’re someone who hates to get their hair wet every day, this shower head aint for you!
  • ceiling showers

    Ceiling showers can be mounted flush into your ceiling or on a shower arm.

  • Adjustable Wall Shower – this type of shower is the most common, mounted directly on your shower wall. The adjustable shower head means you can direct your water spray to various heights & at different angles to suit people of all heights & body sizes.
  • Adjustable showers

    Adjustable showers are the most flexible for directing water in all sorts of directions.
    Image Source: Cook’s Plumbing Supplies

  • Fixed Wall Shower – are shower heads mounted to your shower wall which don’t have any capacity for the shower head to be moved in any way. They can be a good option for people who don’t like re-adjusting the shower head after other people have used the shower previously.
  • fixed wall shower

    Wall mounted fixed shower heads look sleek but have no capacity for the water direction to be moved in any way.

  • Rail shower – Sitting on a vertical rail bolted to your shower wall, this shower head offers the flexibility to adjust your shower head height – simply by sliding it up or down the rail. It’s perfect for people at all heights to get a comfortable shower experience.
  • Rail shower

    The tiny tots in your household will love a rail shower that can be pushed lower to the floor to accommodate their shorter height.

  • Handheld shower – this type of shower head is attached to a hose that is fixed to your shower wall. You can use it like a normal wall shower but it also has the added flexibility where you can grab the handpiece away from the wall to clean yourself wherever you like! They’re even great for things like washing your pet in the bathtub.
  • Handheld shower

    Handheld shower

  • Twin shower – My personal favourite is the twin shower. Think of it, like all the shower heads rolled into 1! You have the luxury of an overhead rain shower with the flexibility of an adjustable hand-held shower that slides up & down on a rail, all controlled at the flick of a dial. You’ll get no complaints from any family members on this one!
  • Cook's plumbing twin shower

    Image Source: Cook’s Plumbing Supplies

    Twin Shower


Now, there are showers & then there are next level-up showers! Just like everything these days, some showers go that few notches up with luxury for those with the budget & inclination …

  • Variety of settings – Fancier shower heads can be adjusted to have larger, smaller or different spray patterns & pressures, including a mist or massage setting.
  • Thermostatic shower mixers – You can control your water temperature & set it to a precise degree.
  • High tech – Some shower heads feature Bluetooth speakers & coloured LED lights. Why you would is a little baffling to me though 😊
  • shower mixsers

    Image Source: Dreamspa


If a bathroom reno is in your future plans, it’ll be easy for you to be seduced by the huge array of lovely looking shower heads at your local Cook’s Plumbing Showroom. How do you narrow it down to the perfect one? Before you ‘splash’ out (pun intended), consider a few things:

  • Water pressure – How much force is behind the water being pushed through your water lines & out of your shower head? You don’t want to feel like you’re standing under a fire hose, nor under a sprinkler, so choose a shower head that’s suited to your current water pressure. A showroom consultant can help you with this.
  • Energy efficiency – Just like your electrical appliances, your water fixtures have a WELS rating. The more stars your shower head has, the more water efficient it is. The more money you’ll also save. A shower head with a 3-star WELS rating (out of 6 stars) uses 9 litres of water or less per minute. It doesn’t mean water will be trickling out … you can still get a strong shower whilst also being water efficient. Boom!
  • Your existing plumbing – If you’re building a new home, you’ll be able to install whatever shower head your heart desires. If you’re remodelling an existing bathroom & not changing your plumbing lines around, you’ll need to buy a shower head that suits your existing plumbing lines.
  • Who will use the shower? If it’s a shower in your family bathroom, you might want to choose a more flexible shower head, such as a rail shower with adjustable height to accommodate everyone. If it’s for a master bedroom ensuite, you might choose a ceiling shower with more luxurious options.
  • Does it suit your bathroom? – Shower heads come in a variety of shapes including square, round or semi-round. They also come in a wide range of materials including chrome, stainless steel, brass, nickel, bronze, copper, gunmetal & porcelain. Choose a shower head that suits your bathroom style. Your shower head should also be in the same colour as your bathroom taps & accessories for continuity too. Also note that the shape of your shower head also determines what spray coverage you get so be sure to discuss that with your showroom consultant.
  • Your Budget – If you’re on a budget, you’ll gravitate towards a more basic, adjustable wall shower option. If you’ve got money to burn, you’ll be investigating the ceiling mounted or the twin shower options with a sprinkling of technological features!
  • Cleaning – Handheld showers are by far the most useful for cleaning.


Showers can be enclosed with screens & a door, known as a shower enclosure, or open, otherwise known as a walk-in shower.

A shower enclosure is the traditional option, where the shower is fully enclosed. These are more affordable & are better suited for smaller bathrooms as they prevent water from spraying everywhere.

shower enclosure

A walk-in shower, otherwise known as an open shower, is not enclosed, with no door, but it may have some screening like a tiled nook wall. Walk-in showers typically have larger strip drains on the floor capturing water in lieu of being enclosed. These types of showers are quite popular now & tend to work well in more modern, bigger bathrooms, where you have more space to play with. They also significantly reduce cleaning in lieu of the fact there’s no glass.

walk-in shower/open shower

Image Source: Pinterest

So, who would have thought you had so many options when it comes to your shower! Getting stark naked has never been so much fun 😊

Before I go … I’ve saved the best for last … for the month of September, 2021, Cook’s Plumbing Supplies are offering everyone a whopping 30% off all showers!! If a bathroom reno is in the foreseeable future, jump onto now to save more of your hard-earned pennies.

cook's plumbing shower up to 30% off

Until next time …


Much love,

Cherie x

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  1. Hi Team
    Does Renovating for profit have any discounts on bathrooms/showers/screens etc. with WA Companies ?

    1. Hi Julie, Renovating For Profit have a national trade group called Home SuperSaver which provides huge cost savings off recommended retail prices on a wide range of renovation fixtures, fittings & trade labour, general home, consumables, lifestyle, leisure & service categories. Cooks Plumbing which is mentioned in this blog is one of our fantastic trade suppliers in the bathroom category. I have provided a link below so you can read more about it, shout out if you have any questions. Cherie Crew x

  2. As always Cherie, you have the best advice, so appreciate the good information and can make choices so much easier. I will be doing a bathroom renovation in the future and will remember your help!

  3. Hi Cherie
    That’s an excellent article on showers, thank you.
    With our small bathroom we removed the tiny bath tub and built a luxurious walk-in shower with dual shower heads for a touch or luxury, and installed a lovely large vanity unit to increase the sense of space. A real estate agent suggested it had added thousands of dollars to the value of the property compared with the pink 1960’s original bathroom!
    One thing I would add to your article though: when considering your plumbing remember to consider your water heater! We have an instantaneous Bosch gas water heater (great because you never run out of hot water) BUT the slight drawback is that it relies on the flow of water to activate the gas. We have to be very careful when it comes to water-saving shower heads because at a certain point the gas won’t ignite so it’s cold showers for everyone! We are OK with 9 litres per minute as long as our mains pressure doesn’t drop (every now and then the ageing water supply in Adelaide gives up and they have to reduce the pressure locally to let the replacement pipe or patch finish sealing properly), but the more economical shower heads using just 7 litres of water per minute are a disaster for us, and it’s not the sort of thing that many plumbing supply stores will give a refund on once it’s been used!
    For renovators it’s an important consideration because it’s unlikely that you will try out the shower yourself before selling or renting out the property, and you definitely want to keep a good reputation for your business.
    It was a great article and I loved the humour you added to it, thank you.

  4. Cherie, you’re such a down to earth person, always happy to take the mickey out of yourself to keep your infomercials fun and relatable. Cheers.
    Also, is Cooks offering RFP only students 30% off ALL (or up to 30%? as the wording is different in copy versus headline above) – so do I assume 30% off the price I see on their website ? maybe I just need to call them direct? thanks.

    1. Hi Kelly, thanks so much for your lovely feedback. This Cooks offer is open to the general public for the month of September, so head over to Cooks website or give them a call. Cherie Crew x

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