From Grungy Garage To Lavish Living Space

Some properties have quirks, you know … things that aren’t run of the mill sort of stuff that you see everyday. Such was the case for a Kurnell, NSW property that I recenty renovated for Channel 9’s show, Space Invaders … it had two garages […]

$70,000 value uplift in 9 days on whole house reno

The three sisters who owned this unrenovated suburban house in Sydney’s west were caught in a bind and desperately needed my help. With Sydney house prices in freefall, and similarly unrenovated houses in this suburb failing to sell, they knew their best chance of securing a […]

See how to transform an apartment for $20K profit in 5 days

It’s an age old question… should your renovate your rental property now, or wait until it’s time to sell? The answer is always renovate NOW! Whether your investment is a four-bedroom house, tiny studio or a solid two-bedroom apartment like the project I tackled recently, […]

The classic family bathroom

I get it … renovating can be scary! And the room most renovators are reticent to tackle is one of the most expensive … the bathroom. But it’s also one of the top two rooms to add value and instant equity to your property! Just like […]

How ‘the power of paint’ resulted in a $60K+ profit

TEN percent of your property value is my golden rule for cosmetic renovation budgets. But sometimes, you need far less to make a BIG profit! With this project, I helped homeowner Michelle, who had lived in her home for almost 30 years. Still with a […]

A sense of space in a small place

Apartment renos can be tricky … and the smaller the space, the cleverer you have to be. Getting Amy and Cary’s 40 square metre 1 bedder ready for sale was a challenge. They were bursting at the seams – from the moment you entered the […]

Cherie’s Gladesville Apartment Renovation

Homeowner Jen bought her apartment in Gladesville NSW, quite a few years ago. Until now, the apartment has remained mostly the same as the day she moved in. Built in the 1970’s, Jen has been wanting to renovate for some time to change her home from an outdated […]

Cherie Barber’s 100th Home Renovation

If 100 home renovations were a birthday, Cherie Barber, aka the Renovation Queen™ would be receiving a letter from the Queen. In the 90’s Cherie never knew she’d become Australia’s favourite renovator but she has done that by flipping houses for a profit and not […]

Rookie renovators’ lesson

Homeowners turned rookie renovators, Dulsiri and Lakmi, bought this western Sydney home in December 2016 with the aim of building a property portfolio for long-term wealth accumulation. The couple deliberately bought an “unrenovated” property so they could cosmetically renovate it and add instant equity. On […]