Apartment Transformation on a $20k Budget

Selling a property in a challenging market requires that extra creative push to make sure it’s in tip-top shape and stands out from the crowd.

This tired-looking Sydney apartment was definitely a candidate for a sizzling makeover, however the owner’s limited budget meant there was no cash for an all-out, no holds barred renovation.


Before it hit Sydney’s falling property market, the homeowners sought my help to inject new life into their compact, 2-bedroom apartment.

With just a small window of opportunity and a $20,000 budget, I successfully turned this old and cold apartment into a fresh and modern beauty that buyers will fall in love with.

Watch the video below to see how I transformed the entire apartment in just 4 days. You’ll also witness the power of professional styling – an essential component if you want a passionate buyer and a speedy sale!

Don’t forget to book into one of my free 3.5 hour masterclasses to learn how you can renovate old apartments or houses, strategically for instant profit gains.

Read about my Cosmetic Renovations For Profit and Interior Design For Profit courses here.

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  1. Hi cherie,
    I did RFP almost 10 years ago now. I still love your lessons and use your tips in all of my projects. You really are the Reno queen ❤️❤️

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