How To Resurface A Benchtop

I’ve previously shown you how to refresh your kitchen or bathroom using tile paint and laminate paint. The last surface to tackle in this budget busting trio is of course… your benchtops! With the right know how and products, this is a fast and easy DIY project to get stuck into. In less than 24hrs you can completely transform your laminate or timber kitchen and bathroom benchtops.



  1. Hi Cherie, I am wanting to know if it is possible to resurface a ( contact material style laminate benchtop) in the kitchen, I have painted my timber cupboard doors to a cream colour, my benchtop has a timber edge which is what I want to try to resurface the top of it to look like, do you have any suggestions? Thankyou

    1. Hi Tammy,
      You can resurface a benchtop with a timber edge using White Knight products (1 coat of Tile and Laminate primer, 2 coats of Laminate Paint and 1 coat of Benchtop Protective Coating) for under $200. Alternately there are companies that will transform your benchtops with a composite stone overlay which can be adhered to your style of benchtop, though this will cost you quite a bit more. C x

  2. Hi Cherie, thank you a great tutorial. Your original benchtop was in pretty good shape (to my untrained eye). How would that product work on a really old benchtop that is peeling in patches? Also, what is the best way to avoid runs on the edge as you’re rolling? Thank you! 😃

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